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#UndocuHustle Entrepreneurship

The #UndocuHustle refers to entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the immigrant experience. Learn how to leverage your skills, knowledge and experience to generate income through contracting or business start-up opportunities. 

#UndocuHustle Film

Watch this short film to learn more about the #undocuhustle and Immigrants Rising’s entrepreneurship initiatives.

Financing/Bootstrapping Your Business

This webinar is designed to give an overview of banking and credit options for startups. In addition, it will provide information on ways to bootstrap your business, and the presenters will share various tips and insights to ensure your venture has a competitive edge.

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Business Plans

This webinar outlines how to create a successful business plan and introduces Centro, an Oakland-based nonprofit that provides low-income entrepreneurs with training and resources.

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ITINS, EINS, and Taxes

This webinar covers information about the ITIN, the EIN, filing taxes as an independent contractor, expenses and deductions, managing cash flow, and saving for taxes.

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More Entrepreneurship Resources

Find vital learning support for future immigrant entrepreneurs regardless of immigration status.

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