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Undocumented Student Upcoming Events 




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Monday, October 24
Location: El Camino College Library (Collaboration Room)

Time: 4 PM - 6 PM


Undocumented Community Art Gala Event

Come explore an intimate reception and exhibit of artwork expressed by undocumented El Camino College community, with nationally lauded poet Yosimar Reyes as keynote speaker.



Tuesday , October 25
Location: Social Justice Center  (Communications 204)


Time: 1:15 PM- 3:25 PM

Cinema at the Social Justice Center

Get into the Spooky Season! Knives Out tenderly centers the main character’s immigration history in a fun, murder-mystery comedy. Can you figure out the twist before it’s revealed?



Wedneday, October 26

Location: Social Justice Center (Communications 204)


Time: 1 PM - 2 PM

Know your Rights Presentation

Some groups of people are more likely to face harsher persecutions and repercussions when encountering law enforcement. Learn some simple ways to legally protect yourself in this Social Justice cross collaboration.



Thursday October 27

Location: Pencil Paper Room (Student Service Building Room 141)

1 PM-2:30PM

Undocu-Hustle 101

Did you know you don’t need papers to start a business? UndocuHussle teaches you how! Learn how Undocumented people can work for ourselves in our own businesses. No social, no DACA, no problem.