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EOPS Staff Contacts

Meet the friendly staff of Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS).

EOPS is located in the second floor of the Student Services building, room 227. 

To contact the EOPS office or staff, dial 310-660-3593, followed by the extension.

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Phone: 310-660-3593

Name Title Extension Email
Edith Gutierrez Director 3470 egutierrez@elcamino.edu 
Kristen Johnson Assistant Director 6052 kjohnson@elcamino.edu 
Sandy C. Carbajal Perez Program Coordinator 6088 scarbajal@elcamino.edu
Valerie Doby  Project Specialist   6050 vdoby@elcamino.edu 
Nancy Paquet Student Services Specialist 7057 npaquet@elcamino.edu
Rafael Sandoval Student Services Technician 6195 rasandoval@elcamino.edu
Vacant Administrative Assistant 6517  


Phone: 310-660-3593

Name Title Extension Email
Brenda Alvarez Counselor 3464 balvarez@elcamino.edu 
Anna Brochet Counselor 5469 abrochet@elcamino.edu
Maria Garcia Counselor 3467 maramirez@elcamino.edu
Myrna Mendoza Counselor 3464 mmendoza@elcamino.edu
Hatien Nguyen Counselor 3464 hdnguyen@elcamino.edu
Tep Thoeurb Counselor 3464 tthoeurb@elcamino.edu
Dexter Vaughn Counselor 3468 dvaughn@elcamino.edu
Nadine Gallego Counselor 3464 ngallego@elcamino.edu 
Christina Fuller Counselor 3464 cfuller@elcamino.edu 
Martin Gonzalez Counselor 3464 magonzalez@elcamino.edu 
Brandon Douglas Counselor 3464 bdouglas@elcamino.edu


Phone: 310-660-3593

Name Title Extension Email
Regina Lee Transfer and Graduation Services 6162 rlee@elcamino.edu
Lizet Salazar Financial Aid, Direct Aid, Probation, and AB540 Ally 5847 lsalazar@elcamino.edu 
Ruben Ruiz Career Services and Foster Youth  3465 ruruiz@elcamino.edu 


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