Men of Color Action Network (MOCAN)

The Men of Color Action Network (MOCAN) is an active support network, which advocates for California Community College Men of Color, while focusing on the systemic (academic, political, social) change needed to cultivate a learning environment that optimizes the success of male students of color.

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Who We Are

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The purpose of the Men of Color Action Network (MOCAN) is to serve as a support and social networking group for men of color on ECC’s campus.

MOCAN will also provide service to the college community, work in collaboration with other student groups and support nearby ethnically diverse communities through different service projects throughout the school year.

The members of the MOCAN gain invaluable leadership experience and knowledge as a result of their involvement with MOCAN .

Furthermore, all members will continue to uphold the high standards of the MOCAN and reinforce its reputation as an influential force in service to the student body at ECC.

Meet the MOCAN Team


Find out how you can be a part of the growing MOCAN network.

Currently enrolled El Camino College students


  • MOCAN Orientation
  • Meet with MOCAN Academic Counselor a minimum of 2 times per semester
  • Meet with a Tutor or PASS Mentor
  • Attend Office Hours with Professor (s) a minimum of 3 times per semester
  • Attend Two MOCAN Events (Each Semester)
  • Attend MOCAN Annual Conference
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  • A dedicated MOCAN Counselor to guide and mentor you throughout your entire time at El Camino College
  • Personalized holistic support, including: Mental Health Services and Personal Counseling; and Food and Housing Support and Referrals
  • Career development counseling and workshops to assist you in identifying the best possible career for you and the steps required to achieve your career goals
  • A strong sense of community with other male students, faculty, and staff of Color
  • Opportunities to engage in special events and activities (University/cultural field trips access to guest speakers) tailored to the needs of Men of Color
  • Scholarship opportunities and Leadership development

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Fall 2024 South Bay Promise Deadline: July 31, 2024

In order to be a MOCAN Southbay Promise Scholar I agree to:

  • Enroll at El Camino College full-time in Fall and Spring (12 units or more)
  • Complete a Financial Aid application (FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application) every year
  • Enroll in MyPath HDEV 101 course in the Fall.
  • Meet with my MOCAN Southbay Promise Scholars Counselor two times per semester 
  • Meet with a Career Specialist (Career Counselor or Career Advisor) once per semester
  • Attend at least two MOCAN Promise Scholars program-approved events or workshops per semester
  • Earn a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA


Men of color in higher education face various hurdles which include housing insecurities, food insecurities, transportation concerns, stressful life-events, and employment barriers that negatively impact their degree attainment and college success.  

Determined to change these historically trends, in 2017, five Men of Color, working in various community colleges in Southern California created a cross-campus partnerships.  Their individual/institutional efforts and culturally relevant activities were implemented to increase the success for men of color.

Through the support of Student Equity funding, El Camino College, Santa Monica College, Long Beach College, and Compton College created campus initiatives and strategies used to enhance the success for men of color, specifically focusing on the cross-collaborative led, Men of Color conference.

The cross-campus collaboration includes men of color leadership conferences that have focused on the holistic healing, mindfulness, financial wellness, spiritual wellness, networking opportunities, and leadership.

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Men of Color Action Network

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