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How to Become a PASS Mentor

The Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Mentor Program assists students with course content in the classroom and in PASS sessions. PASS mentors address study-related problems students face and provide general advice on a wide range of topics relating to student equity and student success.

Become a PASS Mentor

  1. Complete the course you wish to tutor with a final grade of B or better.
  2. Be enrolled in a minimum of six units. 
  3. Complete a PASS Mentor application.
  4. Obtain a written recommendation from an El Camino College instructor.
  • Paid, professional opportunity to help other students succeed in class
  • Build strong relationships with other PASS Mentors and students 
  • Develop rapport with faculty
  • Further develop and deepen knowledge of course content
  • Develop understanding of learning styles and strategies
  • Develop leadership, public-speaking, organizational, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Be part of a great team!

Multiple skills and attributes are gained from being a PASS mentor. In fact, being a PASS mentor could be an asset to you in future employment prospects. Leadership is a noteworthy skill to put on your resume and a valuable conversation starter in an interview.  The following are skills you gain throughout your role as a PASS mentor:

  • Teamwork – having the ability to work effectively with others
  • Communication skills - sharing knowledge and understanding
  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Planning and organization
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership and facilitation
  • Problem solving
  • Self-confidence
  • Life skills


PASS Mentors meet on a weekly basis with faculty to discuss specific issues, content or directed activities to be covered in PASS sessions and to address specific challenges students are facing in mastering course content. During these sessions, both faculty members and PASS mentors discuss how to best secure equitable outcomes in the course. All PASS mentors are trained in the following:

  • Equity-minded dialog and action planning
  • Brain-based learning
  • Overcoming personal barriers
  • Threshold concepts


PASS Mentors facilitate avenues for student equity through the following:

  • Helping students in the class during individual or group activity time 
  • Planning and facilitating PASS sessions using interactive learning strategies rather than re-lecturing or completing students' assignments for them
  • Attending all class lectures for the semester, taking notes and paying attention to what students may find difficult
  • Attending weekly staff meetings and ongoing training
  • Attending de-briefing sessions with the PASS coordinator for feedback and evaluation
  • Demonstrating good learning strategies and sharing appropriate materials with students and faculty


PASS Mentors are hired for a maximum of 10 hours per week for the duration of the semester (16 weeks). The 10 hours are comprised of the following:

  • 3-4 hours sitting in on course lectures
  • 1-2 hours facilitating PASS sessions
  • 2 ½-3 hours dedicated to session planning and meetings with professor
  • Attending ALL regularly scheduled class lectures/meetings for the class to which they are assigned
  • Modeling successful student behavior, which means being on time to class, attentive, and non-disruptive; other students look to PASS Mentors to set the standard for the class and will mirror PASS Mentors’ behavior
  • Facilitating one to two PASS sessions each week for the course of the semester
  • Being present, punctual, and prepared for all PASS sessions, which includes creating activities, worksheets, and games to stimulate active collaborative learning
  • Always maintaining a professional attitude
  • Meeting with a professor once per week
  • Actively promoting PASS sessions by making in-class announcements, writing PASS session times/location on whiteboard, emailing students, etc.
  • Keeping track of hours and submitting timesheets on time
  • Administering surveys to the class as necessary and submitting paperwork to the PASS coordinator and/or faculty member in a timely fashion
  • Handling additional administrative duties

PASS Mentors are also paid for hours attended/worked at the mandatory pre-semester orientation and training every semester they are employed.

PASS Mentors do not:

    • Grade assignments, homework, exams, etc.
  • Lecture or fill in as a substitute teacher for the instructor