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Why Attend PASS?

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) aim to provide a learning atmosphere that differs from the traditional tutorial environment. The focus is on integrating the course content (what to learn) with academic reasoning and study skills (how to learn).

Why Attend Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)?

  • PASS is a student-led initiative where issues relating to course material and student life can be discussed in a friendly, informal environment with peers and trained student  facilitators.
  • PASS provides an opportunity to make new friends while studying in small group sessions with approximately five-10 students and one student leader. It’s a safe place to ask questions and improve your confidence in your studies.
  • PASS runs in 29 countries and more than 1,500 institutions worldwide; in other universities, regular attendees of PASS have shown better knowledge and understanding of course material and have improved their grades by 10 - 20%; that's up to a full grade boundary!

What have students* said about their PASS experience?

  • “PASS really helped me out; it’s one of the main reasons my grade became a lot better. She is such a good mentor, and it breaks my heart I won’t see her anymore because she really helped me out, and she is an amazing person.”
  • “The PASS mentors are really helpful with reviewing the work.”
  • “My PASS mentor was very helpful and gave great advice that helped on the mid-term.”
  • “The PASS mentor has a strong background in English writing and was able to break down how to write an essay and shared valuable studying tips. These skills definitely helped not only for this class, but for other courses.”
  • “The PASS sessions are extremely helpful in understanding the material better.”
  • “These were very helpful; the extra one on one is really nice, but also the experience from someone who already took the class. “
  • “This helped me a lot and I benefited from understanding the importance of using resources around you. This has heavily impacted the improvement in my writing.”
  • “It was nice to have someone who had taken the class before and was able to give personal experience examples. It also felt easier to talk to a student rather than a professor.”
  • “She did a really good job focusing on class topics. Also took extra time after sessions as well. Her help is one of the leading reasons I am passing with an A.”
  • “He has been the best tutor/PASS mentor I have ever had. Compassion for the students he is working with. He will make a great teacher as this is what he is going to school to become. He has the patience and understanding that most teachers don’t have, and he sticks with you, until you understand what you need to learn.”
  • “So our PASS mentor was the best tutor anyone could ask for. After the first test that I took, I knew going to him helped a lot. I thank him for everything he’s done and recommend him as an English PASS mentor.”
  • “The PASS session was very helpful in my opinion. It cleared up some the questions I have in class. Even though a few people came, I got to speak to the people who attended, then express my opinion about a certain lesson.”
  • “He helped me pass two out three exams! That says a lot. Awesome guy, professional, straightforward. He also takes pride and is confident in his work.”
  • “He is really helpful. He made sure that everything was clear. After the first session I was already confident in myself that I was good enough to go through the rest alone.”
  • “The PASS session was very excellent and helpful. It helped me a lot towards my grade.”
  • “Keep it up! It was really helpful going and learning in each session, and it also boosted my grade.”
  • “The sessions were really helpful, and when I attended I got the help I needed.”

*Student comments taken from Fall 2017 "End-of-Semester Peer-Assisted Study Session (PASS) Survey"