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Common Questions from Students

Learn more about the Special Resource Center with these frequently asked questions.


Student Rights: Participation by students with disabilities in the Special Resource Center shall be entirely voluntary.  Receiving support services, equipment or instruction shall not preclude a student from also participating in any other course, program, or activity offered by the college.  All records maintained by the Special Resource Center personnel pertaining to students with disabilities shall be protected from disclosure.

Student Responsibilities:  Students receiving support service, equipment or instruction shall:

  1. Comply with the student code of conduct adopted by the College and all other applicable statues and regulations related to student conduct (cross-reference - ECC Catalog: Student Conduct);
  2. Be responsible in their use of Special Resource Center services and adhere to written service provision policies adopted by Special Resource Center; and
  3. Make measurable progress toward the goals established in the student's Student Educational Contract (SEC) or, when the student is enrolled in regular college course, meet academic standards established by the College.


In addition, students requiring specific services are requested to:

  • Attend an SRC Workshop and/or Advisor Orientation to identify needs and services for the current semester.  This workshop and/or orientation is the student's opportunity to receive information on service policy and procedures;
  • Notify the interpreter coordinator or service adviser of any changes in service plan.  Changes may include but are not limited to absence from class or service accommodation, change in time or meeting location of class or service accommodation, or class or service accommodation is canceled, and
  • Notify instructors of specific special needs.  The staff of the Special Resource Center can intervene with special needs information only with written permission of the student.


Any concern or issue you face as a person with a disability is a disability management issue. It may require you to do things differently or in a unique way to suit your individual strengths, needs, and limitations.

In regard to attending El Camino, these are the resources, supports, accommodations or ways of doing things that will support your educational goals and success.  Disability management issues encompass a broad range; some items include having effective time management, becoming familiar with and attuning your study habits to coincide with your learning strategies, preferences or styles, and knowing what resources or support are available.