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Note-Taking Resources

Learn ideas, tips, and strategies on how to take lecture notes in the most efficient, quick, and comfortable way possible.

Notetaking is an acquired skill.  In order to succeed in your classes, it's very important to be able to take notes during class lectures. Need a little practice with your notetaking? Don't fret - we can help! Check out the resources below to help improve your notetaking skills.


Additional Resources

Want one-on-one assistance?  Make an appointment with our success coach.

Want to use technology to take notes?  Visit the High Tech Center for assistance or book an appointment with staff. 

Not sure what to do with notes once you have them?  Make an appointment with an instructional services advisor for learning facilitation.

Academic classes to learn essential skills for success: Human Development 101, Human Development 110, Educational Development 33.  Talk to your counselor to find out which class is appropriate for you.

Still having trouble with notes and/or keeping up in class?  Make an appointment with a disability specialist to discuss your options.