SRC Test Accommodations

The Special Resource Center’s (SRC) Test Accommodations Unit provides accommodations to students with verified disabilities, specifically pertaining to their testing needs (quizzes/exams). 

How to Request Services

New students with verification documents of disabilities must see an SRC counselor in order to begin the process of receiving accommodations. To get started, make an appointment or contact the SRC Front Desk.


First two weeks of each semester

  • Meet with an SRC specialist/counselor to get the Test Accommodations (TA) Form (drop-in/appointment).
    • You will need a separate TA form for each registered class in which you require accommodations.
    • Note: TA Forms do not “roll over.” You need one for every course every semester.
  • Work with an SRC specialist/counselor fill out and sign Step I and II of the TA Form 
    • Step I – student and course information
    • Step II – the specialist/counselor fills out this part. This section includes any and all approved accommodation clearly and specifically marked to ensure appropriate and consistent implementation. When an accommodation includes options (e.g., various testing locations), the specialist/counselor will then clearly indicate any restrictions on the options, after engaging in an interactive process with the student.
  • Following up with your Professor
  • We will send the TA Form completed by you and the specialist to your Professor.
  • It is your responsibility as the student to remind your Professor every test to provide you with the accommodation, especially if tests are online.
  • If tests are on-campus and you wish to take the test in the Special Resource Center, do make an appointment for testing at least 3 operating days in advance (weekends do not count) to ensure you have a seat to take your test.
  • Let your Professor know that you scheduled with the Special Resource Center.


Throughout the semester:

  • Make every effort to schedule tests at least three operating days in advance (weekends do not count).
    • Use the dates provided by your course syllabus to submit appointment requests for all listed tests.
    • Tests are proctored during operating hours only.
  • You must inform your professor of the test appointment and remind them to send the test information/prompt to SRCTA


Note: All reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure that the provision of testing accommodations does not result in the student missing instruction time.

Students: schedule your tests to provide sufficient time to complete your test and NOT conflict with or cause you to miss lecture/lab or your other classes.



SRCTA Support Staff | 310-660-3293