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SRC Test Accommodations

The Special Resource Center’s (SRC) Test Accommodations Unit provides accommodations to students with verified disabilities, specifically pertaining to their testing needs (quizzes/exams). 

How to Request Services

New students with verification documents of disabilities must see an SRC counselor in order to begin the process of receiving accommodations. To get started, make an appointment or contact the SRC Front Desk.


First two weeks of each semester

  1. Meet with an SRC specialist/counselor to get the Test Accommodations (TA) Form (drop-in/appointment).
    • You will need a separate TA form for each registered class in which you require accommodations.
    • If it is determined that a certification examination is required or requested, please refer to the PROCEDURE FOR REQUESTING TEST ACCOMMODATIONS FOR CERTIFICATION EXAMINATIONS (below).
  2. Work with an SRC specialist/counselor fill out and sign Step I and II of the TA Form 
    • Step I – student and course information
    • Step II – the specialist/counselor fills out this part. This section includes any and all approved accommodation clearly and specifically marked to ensure appropriate and consistent implementation. When an accommodation includes options (e.g., various testing locations), the specialist/counselor will then clearly indicate any restrictions on the options, after engaging in an interactive process with the student.
  3. You and your professor will receive a copy of this TA Form via email from SRCTA
    • It is the student’s responsibility to remind the professor of their accommodations before each test in a timely manner.
    • If your accommodation is for extended time during remote learning, your professor should be able to do this for you on Canvas.

Throughout the semester:

During remote learning, if you are approved with accommodations beyond extended time and need SRCTA to proctor your tests (example, if you have a reader and/or transcriber):

  1. Make every effort to schedule tests at least three business days in advance.
    • You may schedule all tests at once. This information is usually on the course syllabus. 
    • Tests are proctored during business hours only. Some exceptions apply.
  2. You must inform your professor of the test appointment and remind him/her to send the test information/prompt to SRCTA, or be prepared to do a Zoom share screen of your Canvas.

Note: All reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure that the provision of testing accommodations does not result in the student missing instruction time.

Students: schedule your tests to provide sufficient time to complete your test and NOT conflict with or cause you to miss lecture/lab or your other classes.


If the course you are taking or program you are enrolled in requires an examination to receive certification from a third party (such as ESCO Institute), please use the following procedure for requesting test accommodations.

First two weeks of the semester

  1. Meet with specialist/counselor to get the Test Accommodations (TA) Form (drop-in/appointment).
    • You will need a separate TA Form for each registered class in which you require test accommodations. 
      • If the course you are taking or program you are enrolled in requires a certification exam, the SRC counselor/specialist will: 
      • Communicate and require the professor/division to inform SRC Test Accommodations (SRCTA) in advance of any tests/certification. 
      • Discuss further the certification criteria needed with you and the professor.
      • Contact the outside entity to discuss accommodations and what restrictions there are, if any. 
      • Facilitate the process for you to obtain accommodations for the test or certification by filling out Step II of the TA Form.
  2. Work with an SRC specialist/counselor fill out and sign Step I and II of the TA Form.
  3. You and your professor will be emailed a copy of the TA Form. 
    • The professor will determine whether the tests you will be taking are for an ECC certificate of achievement or completion, and/or through an outside entity.
  4. Your professor will provide the SRC all the necessary information and requirements for the certification examination(s) ahead of time.


The SRC is proactive in reviewing eligibility criteria and following the process for becoming a proctoring site for industry certification tests* used by college programs and/or instructors.

For certification or other testing where SRC staff are unable to proctor, the outside entity/proctor will coordinate with the student’s SRC counselors/specialists to address any accommodations-related issues specific to testing.

If, based on the outside entity’s restrictions on test accommodations, not all students in the class are able to take the test or certification with their college-approved proctoring site, the college shall not require the test for class grade or credit, unless where doing so is compliant with the college’s accreditation standards.

 *ECC Special Resource Center is an approved proctor for the ESCO Group.



SRCTA Support Staff

Francis Candelas-Mercado and Regina Grace Poscablo

srcta@elcamino.edu | 310-660-3293

Instructional Services Advisors

April Bernabeo – abernabeo@elcamino.edu | x6093

Mayra Thrush – mthrush@elcamino.edu | x3258