What are MyPath courses?  

MyPATH is a Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) and Student Equity and Achievement Program (SEA) initiative at El Camino College. MyPATH seeks to address equity gaps from an organizational learning framework that moves faculty to evaluate how their teaching methods, their views on student learning, their assignment design, and their content delivery may be contributing to equity gaps and impacting degree completion, transfer, and student retention and success.  MyPATH also integrates Guided Pathways principles by bringing together in the classroom counseling faculty, teaching faculty, library faculty, and PASS Mentors to collaborate in ensuring student success

In addition, myPATH designated courses integrate the following to facilitate student academic and college success:

  • Equity-minded/culturally responsive instructional and curriculum designs.
  • Content exploration through themes that matter to students and tackle global, national, regional and local level issues.
  • Counselors to assist students in academic/career planning so that immediate and long-range academic and career goals can be achieved.
  • PASS (Peer Assisted Support Sessions) Mentor Program to assist students with course content, study-related problems and general advice on a wide range of topics relating to student equity and student success.
  • Career, major and transfer target college/university directed exploration.

 Who can enroll in MyPATH courses?

  • MyPATH sections are open to all students
  • Students self-enroll for all myPATH sections. MyPATH sections can be identified by the following section note "Section 0000 is a myPATH course that applies equity-minded and culturally responsive instruction and embeds support services and PASS Mentors. Section 0000 is open to all students."

Are MyPATH courses offered every semester?

Yes, myPATH courses are offered every Spring and Fall semester.


Fall 2023 myPATH courses available (detailed PDF version)


  • ANTH 2 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


  • ART 110 – Drawing Fundamentals I
  • ART 130 – Two-Dimensional Design I

Art History

  • ART 101 - Art and Visual Culture: A Global Perspective 
  • ART 102A – History of Western Art-Prehistoric Gothic


  • BUS 150 (formally 1A) – Financial Accounting

Contemporary Health

  • CH 1 – Personal and Community Health Issues


  • DANC 101 – Dance Appreciation


  • ENGL 1A/1As – Reading and Composition/Reading and Composition Support
  • ENGL 1C -  Critical Thinking and Composition 

Ethnic Studies

  • ESTU 1 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • ESTU 3 - Chicano Culture


  • HIST 101 – United States History to 1877
  • HIST 102 – United States History 1877 to the Present
  • HIST 140 – History of Early Civilizations
  • HIST 154 - A History of Mexico


  • MUSI 101 – Music Fundamentals


  • PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 106 - Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Physical Education

  • PE 277 – Introduction to Kinesiology

Political Science

  • POLI 1 – Governments of the United States and California


  • PSCY 101 – General Psychology
  • PSYC 119 - LGBTQ+ Psychology 

Social Sciences


  • SOCI 101 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 107 - Issues of Race and Ethnicity in the United States


  • SPAN 52A - Spanish for Native Speakers I
  • SPAN 52B – Spanish for Native Speakers II

Women's Studies

  • WSTU 1 - Introduction to Women's Studies