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Enrolling in an SI Course

Learn more about the supplemental instruction (SI) program, what to expect from your coach, and how to enroll in an SI-supported course.


How to Enroll in an SI-Supported Course

  1. Download the SI Schedule.
  2. Find the course and section in which you want to enroll (review the left-hand side of the SI schedule).
  3. Locate the SI sessions days and times that correspond with the course you need to enroll in (on the right-hand side of the SI schedule). Leave time on your schedule for these SI sessions.

    Important Note:
    Leave 30-50 minutes open in your schedule in order to attend the SI sessions. Sessions take place right before the SI-supported class begins or right after the SI supported class ends.
  4. Enroll in the selected course section.

    Remember not to schedule anything during the SI sessions days and times. Doing so will nullify the intended benefit of enrolling into an SI-supported section.

    If you do not plan to or cannot attend the SI sessions, please try to enroll in a different course section so that students who plan to attend the SI sessions can register into the SI-supported course section.
  5. Go to class when the semester begins. Your SI Coach will also be in attendance.  He or she will give you detailed SI information on the first week of class.
"SI gave me the opportunity to review the main points without any confusion. It definitely helped me to get a higher grade than I was expecting."

What can you expect from your SI coach?

  • A peer who attends class along with the students
  • Trained in the most effective learning, study, and group facilitation strategies
  • Relays tips on the most effective study skills
  • Integrates "how to learn" with "what to learn" in SI classes
  • Provides leadership to the SI session
  • A facilitator for the grade-raising collaborative learning strategies
  • Models critical-thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • Empowers students to become independent learners