World Back to Work (WBTW)
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World Back to Work (WBTW)

El Camino College is partnering with World Back to Work (WBTW) to provide full-service, COVID safety solutions for students, faculty, and staff. Services will include a dedicated on-site COVID compliance officer, entry screening and associated technology, a comprehensive testing strategy, 24-hour COVID phone hotline, and full-service contact tracing.

World Back to Work (WBTW) is a mission-based organization providing Return-to-Work (RTW) and Stay-at-Work (SAW) solutions including products, services, and software for the COVID and post-COVID era.

Learn about the new health screening process for campus entry and read the frequently asked questions below.

Re-Entry Screening Process Frequently Asked Questions

Screening Locations:

Map of Screening Locations

Watch the Information Session:

Watch Recording

We look forward to welcoming you back to campus!