Health screening kiosks on campus

Campus Entry Process

To maintain the safety and wellbeing of everyone, El Camino College requires those who enter campus to complete a daily health screening at designated entry kiosks. 

Health Screening Required to Enter Campus

El Camino College has implemented a COVID-19 entrance screening process for all individuals who wish to enter campus. Please follow the required steps below to enter campus.

  1. Create your World Back to Work account and complete your profile
  2. Answer the health questionnaire while at home.
  3. After completing the health questionnaire, the website will state whether you are clear (or not clear) to come to campus. If cleared, you will receive a QR code.
  4. Keep the QR code readily available on your mobile device – you will need it when you arrive on campus.


  1. Check in at a Health Screening Kiosk before entering any buildings. (View Screening Locations)
  2. Show the QR code at the kiosk.
  3. Get your temperature checked.


When are the health screening kiosks open?

Check the COVID-19 Testing page for health screening kiosks hours.

What do I do if I don’t own a mobile device or cell phone?

If you do not own a mobile device or cell phone, don’t worry. A screening station greeter will be able to look up your online profile while you’re onsite and assist you through the check-in process.

What if I forget to register on the World Back To Work (WBTW) online portal and/or have not completed my account profile prior to coming to campus?

Individuals who have not registered on the WBTW online portal and/or have not completed their account and profile prior to coming to campus may complete their information in-person at one of the Health Screening Kiosks.

What can I do to avoid long delays in the check-in process?

To avoid potential delays, complete your online registration before arriving on campus and have your QR code ready for scanning.

What happens if I fail the temperature test?

A failed temperature check will be retaken after a 10-minute cooling off period.

What happens if I fail the temperature test a second time after the cooling off period?

A second failed temperature check will result in a "no pass" and no bracelet will be issued allowing entry into any buildings.

What if I visit campus on a weekend or holiday?

Employees who wish to visit campus Sundays, after hours, or holidays, are required to complete an Off-Hours Campus Visits Form. This ensures contact tracing can be initiated, if needed.


Campus Entry

Learn more about how to enter campus.

Uploading your vaccination card is easy in the online portal.View Image

If you have a WBTW account but have not uploaded your vaccination card:

  • Complete your WBTW user profile by uploading a photo of your vaccination card.
  • Verification of your vaccination card information by WBTW may take up to two business days. We strongly recommend uploading your information as soon as possible to help expedite your check-in process when on campus.

If you did not receive the email or do not have a WBTW account:

  • Contact immediately to receive the link to your account and finish creating your user profile.


Visitors are defined as individuals who are not El Camino College employees or students.

At entry screening points, visitors must show their vaccination card or a CLIA-approved negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of their visit. If they are unable to provide CLIA-approved lab results they will need to take a test at our testing center.

Testing is required for those who are staying on campus for an extended time period such as for a tour or meeting. Those who require a very short visit such as a delivery person are not required to test.

If you are scheduling visitors to come to campus, please inform them of this procedure. View a map of the health screening kiosks.

Please remember that all students, staff, faculty, and visitors must continue to wear masks while on campus adhering to Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s newest guidelines instructing county residents to wear masks while indoors despite vaccination status.



For any further questions, please email

El Camino employees should call 888-672-0860 if they test positive for COVID or have had a potential exposure to a positive COVID case.