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Support Services for ESL


The following are some of the free services available to all students at El Camino College.

  • Learning Resources Center (tutoring)
  • Writing Center (up to 3 hours/week for help with academic writing and grammar)
  • Computer Labs (for word processing, grammar, vocabulary, reading programs and more, as well as access to the Internet)
  • Academic Counseling (for help choosing a major and meeting requirements)
  • Financial Aid (loans and scholarships for residents)
  • Child Development Center (daycare options)
  • Distance Education (courses on TV and the Internet)
  • Professors' Office Hours (for help with course material)
  • Transfer Center (university catalogs, information, and visits)
  • Health Center
  • Honors' Program (priority transfer to UCLA and many other universities)
  • Extended Opportunities Program and Services (special assistance for underrepresented students)
  • Special Resource Center (for disabled students)
  • Job Placement Center
  • International Student Program (for visa students from abroad)