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Faculty Online Innovation Grants

Faculty Online Innovation Grants

After the spring 2020 emergency transition of all courses to a remote, online learning format as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with the goal of being more prepared for Fall 2020, Guided Pathways offered “Faculty Online Innovation Grants.”  The project is a collaboration between Guided Pathways, the Distance Education department, and the Faculty Development committee.  The announcement called for teams of 4-6 faculty, including a librarian or counselor, to come together to collaboratively work on designing Canvas modules for either one course in their area, a group of courses which would be designed around an “ideal module,” or other project around online education in their area.  As a result, 13 groups were accepted to receive grants.  Here is a list of the teams and information about each project.  


Team members: 

Instructional Lucy Alamillo, Elizabeth Russell and Karen Whitney 

LibrarianAnalu Josephides 

Description of the project: Create an “ideal module” around the concepts of visual literacy and information literacy; then create content for the course around these principles. 

Contact: Lucy Alamillo, lalamillo@elcamino.edu


Informational Video (1:41 min.)

Symposium Presentation (48:45 min.)

Art 101 Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "Art History 101: Visual Analysis Resources")

Team members: 

Instructional: Chris Wells, Lilly Johnson, Casey Jones, Kari Storla, Chantel Solomon, and Julie Matos 

Counselor Susan Polnisch 

Description of the project: Create modules consistent with the OER Public Speaking Project. 

Contact: Chris Wells, rwells@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (2:52 min.)

Symposium Presentation (51:38 min.)

Team members: 

Instructional Orion Teal, Sandra Uribe, Janice Jefferis, and Steven Gonzales 

Librarian: Gary Medina  

Description of the project: Create an ideal module for the meta-major, and create modules for each target course based on the principles developed for the “ideal module.” 

Contact: Orion Teal, oteal@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (3:00 min.)

Canvas Modules: 

Library Module (or search in the "Canvas Commons" for "Information Literacy: Improving Research Skills for Academic Success")

CDEV 104 Module (or search in the Canvas Commons for "CDEV 104")

History Module (or search in the Canvas Commons for "Guide to Academic Success in History")

Political Science Module (or search in the Canvas Commons for "Understanding the World through Political Science")

Team members: 

Instructional:  Melissa Som de Cerff, Yuen Chau, and John Mufich 

Counselor Xiao Wang 

Description of the project: Work collaboratively on creating modules for BUS 25.  

Contact: Melissa Som de Cerff, msomdecerff@elcamino.edu  


Business 25 Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "Introduction to business")

Team members: 

Instructional: Joe Hardesty, Randall Bloomberg, Jenny Phelps, Katherine Sheehan, and Joe Kabriel 

Librarian Mayra Ochoa 

Description of the project: Work collaboratively on creating modules for ART 110. 

Contact: Joe Hardesty, jhardesty@elcamino.edu


Informational Video (3:05 min.)

 Symposium Presentation (1:17:58 hr.)

 Art 110 Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "Art 110 Drawing Fundamentals")

Team members: 

Instructional: Anya Zinoveva, Joy Curtis Urlik, and David Turner 

Librarian: Linda Cooks 

Counselor:  Monica Lanier 

Description of the project: Work on strengthening connections between courses, focusing on Art 141 as the gateway course to the digital arts program.  Develop counseling and library modules to introduce students to the program and campus and develop information literacy. 

Contact: Anya Zinoveva, azinoveva@elcamino.edu


Informational Video (3:00 min.)

 Symposium Presentation (1:05:40 hr.)

 Art 141 Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "Art 141")

Team members: 

Instructional:  David Moyer, Dane Teter, Jon Minei, Kevin Blickfeldt, and Rafael Liebich 

Library:  Amy Budzicz 

Description of the project: Create an “ideal module” in the discipline to aid students in creating Digital Portfolios in Canvas. Separate modules and instructional materials will be created for Digital Portfolios and other course assignments, and will be used in all sections of Applied Music. These modules and materials can be adapted for use in other disciplines across the campus community that utilize Digital Portfolios, and will also serve to aid students with access to campus resources, to support information literacy, and to close equity gaps. 

Contact:  David Moyer, dmoyer@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (3:28 min.)

 Symposium Presentation (59:48 min.)

 Applied Music Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "ePortfolio modules & Research Materials")

Team members: 

Instructional:  Ryan Anthony, Mark Fields, Don Mason, and Oscar Serrano

Counseling Van Nguyen and Victoria Martinez-Weitzel 

Description of the project: Create an ideal module for the discipline, and then create modules for each target course based on the principles developed for the ideal module. 

Contact: Ryan Anthony, ranthony@elcamino.edu


Informational Video (5:40 min.)

Canvas Modules

Counseling Module

AJ 103 Course (or search Canvas Commons for "AJ 103-Peralta Equity Rubric")

Team members: 

Instructional Susan Corbin, Christina Nagao, and Stephanie Merz 

Counseling:  Rocio Diaz 

Description of the project: Create a scaffolded three-week module on Educational Narratives as a model for how instructors can craft writing assignments to build student confidence and engagement. Create a reading list and scaffolded writing assignments that begin with the Educational Narrative and culminate in an Analysis Essay. 

Contact: Susan Corbin, scorbin@elcamino.edu


Informational Video (3:11 min.)

Symposium Presentation (51:55 min.)

English 1A Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "Corbin_Intro to Can")

Team members: 

Instructional: Elizabeth Walker, Robin Arehart, Michael McDermit, and Erica Brenes 

Counseling:  Maribel Hernandez 

Description of the project: Train instructors and provide resources for designing courses around the principles of culturally relevant pedagogy. 

Contact: Elizabeth Walker, ewalker@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (3:20 min.)

 Symposium Presentation (31:08 min.)

 Canvas Modules

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy (or search Canvas Commons for "Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, a module created by Erica")

 An equitable syllabus  (or search Canvas Commons for "An Equitable Syllabus, a module created by Michael")

 Culturally Responsive Teaching (or search Canvas Commons for "Culturally Responsive Teaching")

Race & Education (or search Canvas Commons for "Race & Education: Be an Ally in the Classroom")

Team members: 

Instructional Sarah Leinen, Sumino Otsuji, Karen Lugo, and Matt Kline 

Librarian Claudia Striepe 

Description of the project: Create modules for employing research, incorporating quotes/evidence and critical reading strategies across these courses. 

Contact: Sarah Leinen, sleinen@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (5:10 min.)

Symposium Presentation (52:13 min.)

Canvas Modules

MLA Formatting (or search Canvas Commons for "MLA Formatting" and look for the module by Sarah Leinen)

Using Quotes  (or search Canvas Commons for "Using Quotes in College Essays")

Library Research Strategies   (or search Canvas Commons for "Library Research Strategies")

MLK Speech Module  (or search Canvas Commons for "Lugo and Otsuji's "I Have a Dream")

Vocabulary Strategies (or search Canvas Commons  for "Vocabulary Strategies: Which Word")

Team members: 

Instructional  Stephanie Burnham, Rhea Lewitzki, Mora Mattern, Anna Mavromati, Jane Sandor

Librarian Camilla Jenkin 

Description of the project: Create a fully asynchronous online English 1C course with an emphasis on using best practices of online teaching and learning to bridge the gap between English 1A/1AS and English 1C.

Contact: Rhea Lewitzki, rlewitzki@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (2:57 min.)

Symposium Presentation (49:33 min.)

Canvas Modules

Academic Integrity Module (or search Canvas Commons  for "FOIG: Academic Integrity")

Research and Library Exploration Module (or search Canvas Commons  for "FOIG: Research and Library Exploration")

Unit 2: Life Advice (or search Canvas Commons  for "FOIG: Life Advice")

Team members: 

Instructional: Malinni Roeun, Jose Villalobos, Miguel Ornelas, Gayathri Manikandan, and Gerson Valle 

Counseling Hatien Nguyen

Description of the project: Create several full Modules in Canvas for Math 150, Statistics, that can be easily be imported and adapted by other faculty. 

Contact: Malinni Roeun, mroeun@elcamino.edu  


Informational Video (6:03 min.)

Math 150 Canvas Modules (or search Canvas Commons for "Math 150-team")