ECC Evolve

ECC Evolve is transforming the college for students.

ECC Evolve is the change engine for the campus. The concept for this movement came out of a California Guided Pathways Institute and has become the intellectual successor to the Guided Pathways efforts on the campus. ECC Evolve follows the core tenants of clarifying the path for students, helping students enter the path, support students on the path, and ensuring learning as students move towards completion.  

ECC Evolve is led by a Steering Committee made up of campus constituencies that facilitates Evolve Summits, organizes problem solving workgroups, and leads change and improvement initiatives for the campus. The ECC Evolve Summits focus on intense group work to interrogate an issue and, using Appreciative Inquiry, come up with solutions to move the campus forward.  

ECC Evolve is not an initiative or program, but rather a way ECC will do business going forward. This is about examining and reimagining our practices to create better experiences for our students, improve the processes we interact with as employees, and to create connection between employees across campus.  

Phase 2 Accomplishments (2023 - Present):

  • ECC Evolve Summits
  • El Camino College App
  • Curriculum process improvements 
  • Work-Based Learning process improvements 
  • Presentation of Resources to Students/Quick Links 
  • Creating Milestones to help students track their progress 
  • Wayfinding on campus 
  • Culture of Service on campus 
  • Employee Ambassadors 
    • Caring Campus
    • Credit for Prior Learning
    • ECC Connect working group- what are the early alert needs for our campus constituents and can starfish accomplish these needs 
    • Warm hand off guide/contact list for employees 
    • Form maintenance and processes 
    • Student on-boarding processes- removal of asking questions multiple times 
    • Meta-major specific working groups 
    • Project based learning opportunities 
    • Mental health resources 
    • Parent outreach 
    • ZTC
    • DEIA curriculum
    • Microaggression Reporting Process
  • Made text on Admission & Records webpage more student friendly
  • Updated the Schedule page to eliminate confusion
  • Cleaned up programs in the Class Search page to eliminate options that didn't lead anywhere
  • Edit class search page to remove unnecessary links  
    • Review and update of language used on website surrounding applying and enrolling 
    • Shifting to career services as new student starting point 
    • Finalizing Meta-major pages and transition to them as student landing pages 
    • Highlighting mental health services 
    • Adding information about employee conference travel funding 

Phase 1 (2018 -2022) Accomplishments:

  • Creation of Metamajors
  • Academic Achievement and Presidential Scholar awards selected by Metamajor
  • Updated CCC Apply with Metamajors
  • ILO's reflect the 4 Pillars of Guided Pathways
  • Counseling and Student Success Division restructured by Metamajors
  • Program Pathway Mapper
  • ECC Connect implementation
  • Metamajor Success Teams
  • Winter Summit
  • CCCApply implementation of MyPath
  • 25Live Implementation
  • Personal Success Plans
  • Faculty Innovation grant
  • Metamajor scholarships
  • Equity-Minded Teaching Institute Pilot
  • Innovative, Measurable, Purposeful, Antiracist, Caring, Transformative (IMPACT) grid Pilot
  • Academic Technology grant
  • Majors week
  • "Getting to Know El Camino" video series
  • Career roundtables
  • From Voice to Action: Putting Students at the Center of College Redesign
  • “How Am I An Agent of Student Success?” Video
  • United for Students
  • Student Engagement Innovation grants
  • Withdrawal Survey Redesign

Tools for Students:

Our Program Pathways Mapper is an online interactive tool that can show you “program maps” for all degrees and certificate programs offered at the college. Program Pathways Mapper features all seven Meta-Majors, along with career information and degree and certificate requirements for all El Camino programs. Simply select a major and view all the courses needed to complete your degree.

We’ll help you create a clear path to academic success!


Once you have selected an academic pathway, ECC Connect will help you stay on the path. ECC Connect helps you communicate with instructors, counselors, and other support staff. This network of support includes tutoring, financial aid, counseling, health services, career exploration, and information about campus and community resources for students needing food, public transportation, clothing, and other assistance.

We’re here to help you succeed and stay on the path!



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