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Languages, Composition, and Journalism (LCJ) Meta-Major

Languages, Composition, and Journalism programs study written, oral, and physically expressed communication. This area prepares students to communicate effectively in various situations, such as writing a college essay, speaking a second language, interpreting sign-language, creating articles, photos, and other content for the college newspaper and website, and cultivating creative writing skills. Students who complete these programs may be employed by private business, government, or themselves.

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LCJ Community

Engagment teams are groups of faculty, counselors, staff, administrators, and students who are here to help you succeed

  • Faculty Mentors: Christopher Page
  • Counselors: Rocio Diaz and Sabra Sabio
  • Success Coach:
  • Librarian: Analu Josephides, Mayra Ochoa, and Peggy Murphy
  • Tutors:
  • Peer Mentors:
  • ASO Representative(s): TBA

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