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ISP Academic Counseling

Get academic help and guidance from our knowledgeable international student counselors. (Are you a NON F-1 visa student? Please contact Academic Counseling Office for your assistance.)

Academic Counseling for F-1 Visa Students

Our team can help you make decisions about your academic goals such as transferring to a university or earning a degree or certificate. International students should meet every semester with the ISP counselor. Counselors care about you as a whole person and are here to guide, listen and provide motivation when you need some extra encouragement.  They are available on select days on campus, zoom, or phone.  

Write a short description of the content of the imageECC Connect is available for current F-1 students

How to Book an Appointment

For making appointments with ISP academic counselors, please contact us by call, email, zoom, or visiting our office. ECC Connect appointment is also available for CURRENT F-1 visa students.  If you are a NEW F-1 visa student, please make an appointment by email, call, zoom, or visiting our office.  

Please have your student ID and ECC Email ready when you make an appointment. Appointment confirmations and all counseling-related correspondence will be sent to your ECC Email.  

By ECC Connect 

ECC Connect Appointment


Visit on campus office:

Student Service Building 1st floor, Room 164 

Email: ISPfrontdesk@elcamino.edu

Call: 310-660-3431

Zoom help desk: 

Zoom Front Desk


Drop-in Counseling

Our counselors are available for drop in throughout the week at various times.  Please access the virtual lobby until you are called into the meeting. 

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