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Chat with ISP Staff

Meet the friendly International Student Program staff.


The ISP Office is open both on campus and online for your needs!  Come visit our office on the first floor of the Student Services Building to see us in person or connect with us online anytime.  We have an open Zoom Room available to answer general questions, email, phone and live chat through our chat box.  We look forward to helping answer your questions!

How to Chat with Staff

If you would like to contact someone in our office by chat, check out the staff list below.

  • Monday: Open 9am-4pm
  • Tuesday: Open 9am-4pm
  • Wednesday: Open 9am-4pm
  • Thursday:  Open 9am-4pm
  • Friday:  Open 9am-1pm

Our front desk student workers are available to answer any general questions you may have through the open Zoom Room link found by clicking here. You can also contact us through the live chat box.

zoom room


Leonid Rachman, F1 Visa Specialist, DSO
Contact Leo to help guide you through the application and visa process to get your acceptance letter and I-20 issued from El Camino.  Please contact him for any application, technical visa question or agent introduction.  Leo recruits, onboards and guides students through the application process. 

  • Available in person Tuesdays & Thursdays on campus
  • Available online Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Telephone: 310-660-3417
  • Email: lrachman@elcamino.edu

Summer Kennedy, Student Service Specialist, DSO
Summer is an onboarding specialist for new students to guide them through the next steps after they receive their acceptance letter until they begin studies at El Camino. Contact Summer if you are new student going through the onboarding process of testing, counseling, vaccination requirement, orientation or registration.

  • Available in person Monday and Thursdays on campus
  • Available online Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays virtually
  • Telephone on campus 310-660-6465
  • Email: skennedy@elcamino.edu

Candace Trice, Student Service Specialist, DSO
Candace will help continuing students stay in status, answer employment questions, transfer out to other programs and begin studies with OPT.  Contact Candace if you are a current and continuing student to talk to her about maintaining your status while studying at El Camino and beyond.

  • Available in person Wednesdays and Fridays on campus
  • Available online Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays
  • Telephone on campus: 310-660-3113
  • Email: ctrice@elcamino.edu

Lindsey Ludwig, Director, PDSO
Lindsey is the Director of the ISP and ECLA program and overseas the day to day operations of the International Student Program.  Please contact her for any general questions about the program or you are interested in the Intensive English Language Program

  • Available in person Monday and Fridays on campus
  • Available online Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays
  • Telephone on campus: 310-660-6473
  • Email: lpludwig@elcamino.edu