Group of international students.

International Warriors Program


The International Warriors Program plays an essential role in creating supportive and meaningful connections between international students and the campus community.

What is International Warriors Program? 

Developed by the International Student Program and built as an International Ambassadors program, the group's goal is to ensure that international student voices are heard and that their presence is integrated into campus life.


Meet the International Warriors!

Tell us about yourself!



Ana Liz Carvalhaes
Major: Nursing
Where are you from?: Brazil

"Hello Everyone. My name is Ana Liz, I was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I first landed in The U.S. in 2019 and started my academic life at El Camino during the Fall semester of the same year. Some facts about me are that I love to go on hikes, visit amusement parks, and make new friends. Moreover, I’m currently applying for El Camino’s nursing program while coordinating the International Warriors Team. Coordinating this amazing team has been a pleasure and a unique experience. I will be glad to assist students with anything they need."



Stephanie Brandao Santos
Political Science
Where are you from?: Brazil

“Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie and I was born and raised in Santos, a beautiful port city located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I love learning the history of different cultures and places. I also admire art a lot, especially dance, poetry, and music. I am a Political Science major and I intend to one day specialize in International Relations. When I came to the US to study at El Camino, I was very well welcomed by the International Student Program. Now, it is an honor to be part of the International Warriors team! Studying abroad is challenging, thus I will be happy to help our students and make their experience even more special”.




Tran Bao Tran Nguyen
Major: Mathematics
Where are you from?: Vietnam

"Hello everyone! My name is Tran, or you can call me Jennifer. I am an international student from Vietnam, and I am a new International Warrior. My major is Mathematics, but I want to transfer as a Chemical Engineer to Cal State Long Beach. It is a pleasure to be a member of the International Warriors Program where I can help, meet, and communicate with other international students like me. I hope to see you all soon and hope to stay connected and help with all I can. Good luck with your educational career!"



Masaya Matsui 
Major: Film
Where are you from?: Japan

"Hello everyone! My name is Masaya. I'm from Japan. I came to the US in February 2023. My major is Film. I am currently studying English and Film and I want to study Spanish. My favorite film is The Godfather and Al Pacino is one of my favorite actors. I like playing many sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball, so I would like to hold sports events for international students. I'm so happy to be part of the International Warrior Program and I will help many international students like I was helped. I'm looking forward to seeing you all!"



Vy Nguyen
Major: General Studies - Art and Humanities
Where are you from?: Vietnam

"Hello everyone, my name is Ái Vy as in Ivy. I’m from H Chí Minh City, Việt Nam. My major is Human Services but currently, at El Camino College it is called General Studies – Art and Humanities. My goal is to work in the College Education field, and having the opportunity to work in the International Student Program is the biggest advantage I’ve ever had. My passion is editing video so being part of the ISP Warrior Social Media team is a great honor to me. I’m so happy that I’m able to assist fellow students in navigating their journey to the U.S. and looking forward to being with you guys’ journeys! "




Name: Kennet
Major: Nursing
Country: Mexico

"Hey everyone, I’m Kennet Vargas, and I’m from Mexico, specifically the state of Veracruz, where I spent 17 years of my life. I’m currently majoring in Nursing at El Camino College, but I’m planning on becoming a doctor once I’m done. One of the things I enjoy the most is learning and reading anything related to the health sciences. An interesting fact about me is that I wear my headphones almost 20 hours a day since they help me disconnect my mind from the environment and surroundings, which makes me disappear from my mind. Now I’m eager to be a member of the ISP Warriors program and to be helpful to you all."