Group of international students.

International Warriors Program

The International Warriors Program plays an essential role in creating supportive and meaningful connections between international students and the campus community.

Developed by the International Student Program and built as an International Ambassadors program, the group's goal is to ensure that international student voices are heard and that their presence is integrated into campus life.

Meet the 2022-2023 International Warriors!

Name: Ye Lin Khant
Major: Computer Science
Country: Myanmar

"Hi everyone! I am Khant, most of my peers call me Kan. I am originally from Myanmar (aka) Burma. I am currently pursuing Computer Science since I am really into technologies and computer things. According to my interest, I try to expand my knowledge in the field of CS in terms of reading the tech articles or books and googling some up-to-date news. I mostly spend my time on indoor activities rather than the outdoor activities, such as reading the books, listening to the music, and playing some games. As I am a student from ECC, I feel highly honored to be a part of the warrior program which is like a useful bridge in order that the international students to convey their voices and ideas to build better community throughout the campus."


Name: Ihdaa Bugis
Major: Fashion
Country: Saudi Arabia

"Hi! My name is Ihdaa and its pronounced as Ee-da. I was born in Saudi Arabia, but I lived most of my life abroad. I lived in Spain, Denmark, and The United States. I’m also part Arab, Indonesian, and Thai so I’d like to consider myself as someone who’s from all over the world. I would still like to learn about different cultures and visit countries that I haven’t been to before such as East and South East Asia. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Art and Illustration in the year 2020 and I’m currently working on getting my Associates degree at El Camino College in Fashion Design. I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching TV, dancing, and learning about art. I’m very happy and excited to be part of the International Warriors Program and I will be more than happy to help the students with anything they need."

Name: Adriana Lima Bernarda 

"Hello warriors, 
My name is Adriana; I’m originally from Brazil, and my native language is Portuguese. I’ve been a student at El Camino College since 2021. My major is nursing. I love outdoor activities such as rock climbing. Lately, I’ve been trying to self-learn how to play acoustic guitar, it’s an ambitious plan, but I think life is all about it, isn’t it? I’m excited to be part of the International Student Program, The warriors. I want to let you know that I’m here to help you the best I can!  Thank you."


Name: Francis Agyemang


"I'm Francis Agyemang from Ghana, a new International Warrior Student.  I'm majoring in Computer Science though I started my career life in Abilene Christian University in Texas as an Engineering student and served as a student ambassador last year, but I feel great too joining a big International Warrior Students team in El Camino College here.

 I'm looking forward to serving with humility and help with all our international students.

Again, I'm glad to meet y'all here.

Warm wishes :-)"


Name: Stephanie Brandao Santos 


"Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie, and I was born and raised in Santos, a beautiful port city located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I love learning the history of different cultures and places. I also admire art a lot, especially dance, poetry, and music. I am a Political Science major and I intend to one day specialize in International Relations. When I came to the US to study at El Camino, I was very well welcomed by the International Student Program. Now, it is an honor to be part of the International Warriors team! Studying abroad is challenging, thus I will be happy to help our students and make their experience even more special."





Name: Ana Liz Carvalhaes Da Silva

"Hello everyone! My name is Ana Liz, I was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, until I decided to study abroad. I got in the U.S in 2019 and started my academic life at El Camino in the fall semester of the same year. My major is nursing, and I have plans to be accepted into El Camino nursing program. Some interesting facts about me is that I love to go on road trips, amusement parks, and make new friends. I’m very happy to be part of the international warrior program and be able to help international students like me to achieve their dreams and keep going with their goals."

Name: Thi Dan Hanh Pham


"Hello! My name is Thi Dan Hanh Pham, but I can go by “Hanh.” I am an international student from Viet Nam, and this is my third year at El Camino College. I will be applying to the ElCoRadiologic Technology Program and intend to transfer to CSU Northridge after finishing my A.S. degree here. I am truly eager to become one of the new International Warriors, working in the social media position. I look forward to seeing you all. Thank you!"


Minhyeong Park

Name: Minhyeong Park 
Major: Political Science
Country: South Korea

"Hello, my name is Minhyeong Park and my English name is Allen. I came to the United States for high school. I attended Pacific Lutheran High School in Torrance. In my free time, I usually watch some YouTube videos and play games. However, I also enjoy reading books about politics. My favorite book is "The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli. I came to El Camino College to prepare for the higher education program and to transfer to a 4-year university."