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Info for New Students

Welcome to the International Student Program (ISP) at El Camino College!  

Congratulations on being accepted to El Camino College! The information below will guide incoming students on the next steps they need to take after they have received their F-1 visa and are preparing to attend El Camino College. We're excited to welcome you to our campus!

Please note: Due to COVID-19, El Camino College is offering a hybrid on campus/online class schedule.  Many classes can be found on campus and online!  However, all students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend classes at El Camino College.  ISP will work with incoming students to maintain status while abiding by all immigration regulations.  

If you have questions about the process, contact us at isp@elcamino.edu

Getting Started

New students entering the U.S. are REQUIRED to take an on-campus class in order to have their I-20 registered.  ISP and ECC have coordinated a specific orientation class for incoming students to participate and meet their immigration requirements.  In addition, there are MANY on campus classes being offered.

You must enroll in an on-campus class as a new international student in the U.S. to maintain your status.  This is extremely important.

El Camino College is a hybrid campus.  This means that some classes are held online and some classes are being held on campus.  Please read class descriptions in order to register for the correct location.  For example:

  • Live Online: Meetings will be held at specific times online as well as on Canvas.
  • Online: Class will be held online via Canvas.
  • Class Location/Room Listed: Class held on campus.

Please check your country's travel requirements and travel websites to know if you need vaccinations and other travel information BEFORE entering the United States.  You will need a VALID visa and an I-20 for El Camino.  It is best to print your schedule showing your on-campus class when you travel.

Curious to see what countries your fellow international students come from? Check out our interactive 2019 International Student Population Map!


Look below to find your next step in the application process.


The International Student Program is committed to your success here at ECC. For that, we have created a multi-resource orientation that will not only introduce you to the immigration rules and regulations that come with having an F-1 visa, but will also provide you with academic support to assist you with your class registration.

This is a two-part orientation.

  • The first part is a recorded online orientation that is placed on Canvas that will guide you through the various resources at El Camino College.
  • The second part will include a live presentation and registration help from ISP staff.

Both orientations are required of all new F-1 international students before beginning their first session/semester here at El Camino College.

Upcoming Dates

  • Live Overseas Student Orientation: TBA
  • Live Overseas Student Orientation: TBA


While El Camino College does not offer dormitories on campus, our office can help you with your search of surrounding apartments and local homestay agencies.

See our housing brochure for recommendations or contact us for more information.