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Online Forms

Find forms available to International Student Program students.  If you have submitted a form and have not recieved a response in over 7 business days, please contact Candace Trice at ctrice@elcamino.edu.  Please allow for 7 business days to process the letters and forms.


Use this form to notify us if you wish to travel back to your home country.  All travel signatures are digitally signed.  Please contact ISP@elcamino.edu if you have questions about attending classes online if you are a continuing student.

Travel Request Form


Use this form if the visa stamp inside your passport is expiring (or has expired) and you want to travel outside of the U.S. to renew it. Remember, your visa stamp allows you to enter the U.S. and can expire while you are here. Also, remember to fill out the Travel Request form for a travel signature on your I-20.

Visa Renewal Form


Use this form if you need proof/certification of enrollment at El Camino College.

Enrollment Verification Form


If you are transferring to another college/university/school, use this form to transfer your SEVIS (I-20). You will also need to upload your acceptance letter to the request.  You have 90 days after your program end date to submit this request, so please do this as soon as you have your acceptance letter.

Transfer Request Form


Use this form for proof of address at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office to obtain a California ID or driver's license.  Please find complete instructions here to obtain your Driver's License here.

Driver's License Verification Form


Use this form if your I-20 program date is ending within the semester. You will first need to make an appointment to see the academic counselor to obtain approval for the extension.  You can only extend the I-20 BEFORE your program end date.  If you have passed your program end date, you cannot extend the I-20.  Talk to Leonid Rachman at lrachman@elcamino if your program end date has passed.

I-20 Extension Request Form


You are required by immigration to report a change of address within 10 days of moving. Once you submit this form, we will update your address with immigration and in your ECC account.

Change of Address Form


Please use this form to update your phone number (home phone and/or cell phone). Once you submit this form, we will update your phone number with immigration and in your ECC account.

Change of Phone Number Form


Please use this form if you are no longer going to continue to study at ECC. If you are transferring to another school or applying for OPT, you do not need to fill out this form; you will fill out either the Transfer Request or the OPT Request form.  

End of Program Form


Use this form to request OPT once you are in your final semester of your degree or certificate program. OPT allows you to work for up to 12 months after graduation.  You must submit your intent to graduate and attend a mandatory OPT workshop in order to apply for OPT.  You can find the list of workshops on the ISP calendar of events. You can apply for OPT 60 days BEFORE your program ends or 90 days AFTER your program end date. Please contact ctrice@elcamino.edu for questions.    

OPT Request Form


Use this form if there is an error in your tuition refund amount.   Tuition errors are corrected in Admissions and Records, Fiscal Services and Information Technology Services.  ISP cannot correct the tuition, however, we can communicate the mistakes.

Refund Request Petition

Use this form if you need approval to take fewer than 12 units in a semester. You must have approval BEFORE dropping the class.  If you drop the class without permission your I-20 will be terminated.  If you fall below 12 units without permission, your I-20 will be terminated.

Students can request for a reduced course load for the following reasons:

  • Academic Difficulties - FIRST semester only
  • Medical Reasons - Must upload a U.S. Doctor's Letter dates of medical leave
  • Last Semester - LAST semester only 

Reduced Course Load Petition

Use this form to request for a new I-20 to be printed.

I-20 Print Request

If you have been accepted and NOT STARTED classes due to visa delays and need to defer your I-20.