Adding or Dropping a Class

Need to add or drop a class? After you register, you can adjust your classes within the add/drop period posted on the academic calendar. Or you can join a waitlist and, if space is available, add a class that has already filled.

We can help you build the best schedule possible so you are on track to meet your goals.

Adding and Dropping a Class/Waitlist Information

Once you have registered, you might be able to add a class even if it has already started. Simply follow the steps needed to add a course and, if space is available, be sure to add the course by the deadline posted in the academic calendar. Note: You may not add classes after the add deadline.

Add Authorization Process (formerly Add Code) 

  1. Once a class begins the you  will needs to obtain authorization to add the class from the instructor.  If  you are on the waitlist you will need to go to the class as if you were enrolled or email the instructor no more than the week prior to the class starting to be request add authorization.   If there is room in the class  or the instructor is taking extra students, the instructor will issue an electronic add authorization.  You will need to follow the steps on the Add Authorization guide under the waitlist section to add the class to your record before the add deadline.  If you are not on the waitlist please see the instruction on how to add once an authorization is issued to you for the class.  
  2. Remember when you contact the faculty for an add authorization please make sure you use your email and include your name and student ID, the class you wish to enroll in (ENGL 1A 6852).  Add authorization is specific to you and the section you wish to add.  Please don't email your faculty until a week before the class is to begin.  



  1. Once you successfully add the section, use the "Make a Payment" link in the "Make a Payment & Account" section and pay the amount due.
  2. If you need assistance with adding a class before the deadline please fill out the Online Add/Drop form.  The add drop form must be submitted prior to the deadline to add the class.  

Classes can only be added with:

  • Appropriate prerequisites are met
  • Fees and other holds resolved

Classes cannot be added with: 

  • Time conflicts
  • Excessive repeats of the course (need to submit a repeat request for a third enrollment in a class) Repeat Petition *
  • Schedule exceeds the allowable number of units, unless there is overload approval.  Unit Overload Petition *


  • *Please submit the repeat petition and/or unit overload at least a week prior to the deadline to add the class. Late submissions may not be processed prior to the deadline resulting in you not being able to add the class.  

If you need to drop a class, it is your responsibility to officially drop each class by the deadline date. If you do not drop by the deadline, you may receive a substandard grade, a withdrawal “W,” and need to pay all relevant fees.

Drop a Class Online

  1. Go to MyECC.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. In the Self-Service Menu (left column), click on “Registration,” then click on “Register and Drop Sections.”
  4. Under Current Registrations, click the checkbox next to the class section you wish to drop.
  5. Click the SUBMIT button (note: once you click submit you may not go back).
  6. Once you successfully drop the class, review your class schedule (scroll to bottom of screen to view updated schedule) to make sure class was dropped.  
  7. If you need assistance in dropping a class please use the Add/Drop Form.  Must be submitted prior to the drop deadline of the class. 

Voluntary Course Drop

Remember, it is your responsibility to process an official withdrawal from class. Failure to do so may result in a letter grade of A through F. You may drop a class or classes within the refund period and add another class or classes using the fees already paid. If you fail to properly register or add a class, you will NOT receive credit for that class.

If you drop after the refund deadline, the fees you paid for the classes are forfeited.

You may drop a class before the refund deadlines and add a class with additional fees if the class is dropped after the refund deadline. To add the same class at a different time/date/instructor, you must request a lateral transfer from both instructors. All transfers are processed through the Admissions Office.

Check the academic calendar for final drop dates:

  • Last Day to Drop and Be Eligible for a Fee Refund
  • Last Day to Drop without a Notation on Permanent Record
  • Last Day to Drop with a “W”

Dropped Due to Attendance

If you enroll in class but do not attend the first scheduled class meeting, you may be dropped from the roster and your place given to waitlisted students who were unable to enroll at the time of registration. In an online class, the instructor will indicate what she/he considers the first class meeting.

If you register for a class and never attend, you are still responsible for dropping the class. Failure to officially drop a class by the appropriate deadline may result in a “W” and you may be required to pay all fees associated with the class.

Regular attendance is expected of every student. You may be dropped from a class when absences exceed the number of units assigned to the course. This rule also applies to excessive absences due to illness or medical treatment. If you have been absent due to illness or medical appointments, you must explain the absence directly to the instructor.

Dropped Due to Nonpayment

All fees must be paid by the posted fee payment deadlines or you will be dropped from all classes. If you were on a waitlist and then admitted to the class, you must pay those class fees by the same deadlines, or you will be dropped from all classes.

How does the Waitlist Work?

The Waitlist Process

If a class section’s status is “Open,” that means there is still space for you to register for that class. If its status is “Waitlisted,” there might be some seats available, or you can be placed in line to get into the class. “Closed” means that the class is completely full as well as the waitlist (10 people max on the waitlist). To join a waitlist, you should email the professor or attend the first day of class to ask if there is space in the class.

If you are on a waitlist for a class, be sure to check your El Camino email DAILY to find out if you have been admitted to the class. If admitted, you must log in to MyECC, add the class, then pay class fees on or before the fee payment deadline or you may be dropped from all classes, including those already paid for.

It is your responsibility to keep informed of your waitlist status and to pay any fees due by the posted deadlines.

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