Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions regarding to assessment and placement testing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are the tests or surveys?
There are no fees.

What do I bring to take a test?

  • A valid picture ID
  • Your El Camino College Student ID #

Do I need to take a placement test if I already have a college degree?
You are exempt from placement testing. However, if you require a prerequisite clearance for English or Math, please follow the Prerequisite Clearance Process.

What do I do if I have a disability that would affect my testing?
If you have a verifiable disability that requires accommodations, please contact our Special Resource Center at 310-660-3593 x3293 or at

What if I fail a placement test?
There is no “pass or “fail” grade; the purpose of the assessment is to place you in appropriate ESL, Math, and English courses to help you succeed.

When should I take a test?
Check the prerequisites of classes you plan to take early enough so that you will be able to complete any tests required before you register. 

What tests are offered?
The Math & English Survey, ESL, and Chemistry Placement are offered. Please keep in mind that some exams are by appointment only.

When do I get English and Math Survey results?
Within 1-2 business days, you should receive your results.

When do I get ESL Test results?

Immediately after completion, you should receive your results.

What if I don’t complete the placement process?
If you are a first-time college student, you need to complete the English and Math Placement Survey. You will not be able to enroll in a math or English class unless this step is completed in a timely manner.

How do I access the English and Math Placement Survey?
You will find it on your MyECC portal, in the student home page. Please contact the Warrior Welcome Center for additional assistance.

Where can I find the Prerequisite Clearance Form?
You can find more information, as well as the form, in our Online Prerequisite Clearance Process page.

What is a prerequisite and a co-requisite course?

  • A prerequisite course is a course that needs to be taken before you can enroll into another course.
  • A co-requisite course is a class that must be taken at the same as another class.

How do I study for the Chemistry Test?
Check out the Chemistry Study Guide to help you prepare for the test.

What will the Chemistry Exam include?
The test covers compounds and elements, states of matter, reactions of matter, structure of matter, periodic properties, solutions, dynamics, laboratory skills, and mathematics.

Can I repeat the Chemistry Exam?
The Chemistry Placement Test may not be repeated. A student may petition the dean of natural sciences for reconsideration of course placement. Petition forms are available via the Warrior Welcome Center. Please email us at Documentation in the form of previous course work (transcripts) must accompany the submitted petition.

What is the Mathematics Competency Test?
This is a test that may be used to satisfy the El Camino College mathematics competency graduation requirement (item 6 of Section A of the A.A./A.S. graduation requirements).

What does the Math Competency Test cover?
It covers intermediate algebra and some coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

What process should I follow to take the Math Competency Test?
Students must obtain a blue Math Competency Referral Form from the Warrior Welcome Center and then arrange a meeting with an ECC counselor. The counselor will decide which of the two Math Competency Tests is appropriate and sign off on it. This form should then be returned to the Assessment/Testing Center. Upon receipt of the signed form, staff will verify whether a student has already completed the required Accuplacer test. If so, that will be the end of the process. If not, student will complete the required test whenever they are ready to do so,

How do I know if I need to take the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra (EA) Test or the College-Level Math (CLM) Test?
Your counselor will evaluate your academic record and determine what test is appropriate for you to take.

Where can I obtain a blue Math Competency Referral form?
Stop by the Warrior Welcome Center for a Math Competency Form and have your counselor sign off on it before bringing it back.