Concession and Vendors

As part of event rentals, users should discuss with the district about the requirement for concessions and vendors on campus. 

For Fine Arts Performance Facilities

  • Concession privileges are reserved for the District. Sale of souvenirs, programs, records, books, etc., relative to the event is permitted with advance approval of Theatre Manager or designee.
  • The District will receive 20% of the gross receipts from such sales and 25% if District provides seller.
  • Renter will be responsible for payment of all state, county, or local taxes incurred from such sales.
  • Payment of royalties and copyright fees is the responsibility of the renter.

For Stadium, Athletic or Other Events

The District has first right of refusal to provide concessions for all outside events. Users requesting other concessions and food services on the district campus must be approved by the District.  Filming/photo shoots should make the district aware of production food as required by their contracts.  

Food and refreshments are not permitted inside gymnasiums, laboratories or other specified campus facilities.


Outside vendors must be approved by the District prior to selling of any merchandise on campus.  

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