El Camino Events

Are you an El Camino College employee hosting an ECC event? Our office can provide assistance!

Event Operations

Event Operations is a branch of Facility Rentals that focuses on supporting internal clients.

We support El Camino employees in the following ways:

  • Consultation meetings or walkthroughs of event spaces to discuss logistics
  • Provide contact information of staff who are involved with logistics and staffing (25Live, IT, Media Services, Facilities, etc.)
  • Guides on how to event plan successfully at El Camino
  • Collect insurance policies of external organizations
  • Provide cost proposal, invoice, and contract (for sponsored events)

Event Type

Depending on the type of event you are hosting, a specific form must be submitted. See options below.

Internal El Camino Event

The event is hosted solely by an El Camino College department or program, and is intended for El Camino students and/or employees. Facility Rentals does not need to be contacted since no fees are being charged to the department/program. However, we are available for event planning.

If you would like a consultation meeting or walkthrough of your event, submit your request below.

Event Consultation Request

El Camino Sponsored Event

The event is co-sponsored between an El Camino department and an external organization. The El Camino department will donate the rental fees and/or equipment fees. The external organization will pay for labor charges.

Sponsorship Steps:

  1. The external organization submits a Facility Rental Application
  2. The ECC sponsoring department contacts Bridget Delahunt, Director or Mari Baquir, Program Specialist to confirm sponsorship
  3. The sponsoring department will work with the external organization to plan the event
  4. Facility Rentals will request a meeting with both groups to determine charges and collect insurance

El Camino Employee, Nonprofit

If you are an El Camino College employee with your own nonprofit or business and would like to rent a venue on campus,  submit an application

Questions? Contact Us

Bridget Delahunt
310-660-3593 x6098

Mari Baquir
Program Specialist
310-660-3593 x3455