Rental Fees

Rental Fees

To view current rental fees and labor rates for various El Camino College venues, please click below.

Rental Fees and Labor Rates

Center for the Arts Facilities

Marsee Auditorium, Campus Theater, and Haag Recital Hall

  • Rental fees must be paid to the Civic Center Office at least ten (10) business days in advance of the first day of usage.
  • All renters of District facilities will be required to pay building rental and application fees prior to the first building use day.
  • Rental rates do not include personnel or staging equipment.
  • For rental rates and supplemental costs (e.g. deposit, utilities, supplies, and cleaning), contact Mari Baquir, Program Specialist, at

Labor and Equipment Rental Fees

  • Renter must meet with the Theatre Manager and Production Manager (or designee) to execute a production cost estimate determining the labor and equipment needs.
  • Staging and service requirements for each event may vary widely. Renters should carefully evaluate needs and additional cost for personnel relative to setup, rehearsal, performance and equipment.
  • The Production Manager at (310) 660-3593, ext. 3592 will determine fee estimate for labor and equipment.
  • Actual fees for labor and equipment rental will be invoiced upon completion of the event.

Questions? Contact Us

Bridget Delahunt
310-660-3593 x6098

Mari Baquir
Program Specialist 
310-660-3593 x3455