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Rental Fees Payments

Learn about fees and rates for our event rentals.

For Fine Arts Performance Facilities (Marsee Auditorium, Campus Theater, and Haag Recital Hall):

  • Rental fees must be paid to the Civic Center Office at least ten (10) business days in advance of the first day of usage.
  • All first-time renters of District facilities will be required to pay building rental fee, labor, equipment and ticketing charges prior to the first building use day.
  • Rental rates do not include personnel or staging equipment.
  • For rental rates and supplemental cost (e.g. deposit, utilities, supplies, and cleaning), contact Mari Baquir, Facility Rental Specialist, at mbaquir@elcamino.edu

Labor and Equipment Rental Fees

  • Renter must meet with the Theatre Manager and Production Manager (or designee) to execute a production cost estimate determining the labor and equipment needs.
  • Staging and service requirements for each event may vary widely. Renters should carefully evaluate needs and additional cost for personnel relative to setup, rehearsal, performance and equipment.
  • The Production Manager at (310) 660-3593, ext. 3592 will determine fee estimate for labor and equipment.
  • Actual fees for labor and equipment rental will be invoiced upon completion of the event.

Questions? Contact Us

Bridget Delahunt
Director, Events Operations
310-660-3593 x6098

Mari Baquir
Program Specialist
310-660-3593 x3455