Campus Police Services

Security Personnel

The El Camino Community College District employs a full police department dedicated to safety and service.  Police services may be required by the district depending on the type of event, number of participants or spectators, those charging admission, and filming / photo shoots.  The campus police department will determine services needed upon the coordinator of the user event.  Police services also oversees all parking lots on campus and may determine the price for parking or renting a parking lot.  

The District's Campus Police reserves the right to determine the number of police officers needed for any event. If it is determined that police officers are required for any event, only officers employed by the El Camino Police Department may be used.

The use of "private" security officers employed by an outside private security firm shall not be used without permission of the Chief of Police.  The use of armed "private" security officers is not permitted without approval by the chief of police.  For further information, visit the Campus Police or call 310-660-3100.

Parking Regulations

View parking regulations. 

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