General Provisions

1. MONOPOLIZATION: No use of facility shall be granted in such a manner as to constitute a monopoly for the benefit of any person or organization (Ed. Code Sec. 82537c). Requests for use of facilities for regularly scheduled rehearsals and practices will not normally be granted.

Statutes prohibit monopolization of any facility. The District has defined monopolization to be the use of a facility more than five events in one year. Application for use of facilities for more than one date must be received two (2) months prior to first day of usage in order to provide time for considerations.

2. APPLICATIONS: Applications for the use of facilities for the following academic year may be made at any time during the current year but may not be confirmed until after July 1.

3. CANCELLATION: The District maintains the right to cancel any confirmed event at any time with cause. If the District cancels the use of the facilities, all fees paid, except the non-refundable application fee, will be refunded.

4. LAWS AND ORDINANCES: Organizations using District property and facilities shall conform to all state, county, and District rules, regulations and ordinances including, but not limited to those pertaining to fire, health, and safety. Alcoholic beverages or drugs in any form will not be permitted on District property. Smoking is PROHIBITIED inside all areas of District facilities. Consumption of food and beverages is permitted in designated areas only. All meetings shall be open to members of the Board of Trustees or their designated representatives.

5. DAMAGE TO FACILITIES: The groups or organizations using the facilities under these rules will be liable for any damage to or destruction of school property beyond that caused by ordinary wear and tear. Negligence will result in a group being accountable for damages and withdrawal of consideration upon subsequent request. To prevent such damage, the District reserves the right to CANCEL OR POSTPONE ANY SCHEDULED EVENT.

6. KEYS: Keys are not issued to organizations or individuals using the facilities.

7. MERCHANDISE/CONCESSIONS: Concessions privileges are reserved to the District. Sale of souvenirs, programs, records, books, etc., relative to the event is permitted with advance approval. The District will receive 20% of the gross receipts from such sales and 25% if District provides sellers. Renter will be responsible for payment of all state, county, or local taxes incurred from such sales. Payment of royalties and copyright fees is the responsibility of the Renter.

8. FOOD CONCESSIONS: Food concessions are reserved to the District. In the event that the District's contracted concessionaire is not able to handle food concession needs, the Renter may handle their own concessions and the District will receive 25% of the gross receipts. Renter will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 naming El Camino College as additional insured with a sixty (60) day cancellation clause and is also required to provide a copy of worker's compensation coverage.

9. PERSONNEL: The District reserves the right to employ, at Renter's expense, such District personnel as it deems necessary to secure District property and facilities and to operate District equipment. Such personnel are authorized to enforce all District regulations and report any violations. Final decisions concerning any emergency, e.g. earthquake, air raid, bomb scare, are those of the District.

10. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: A Certificate of Insurance for property and liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.00 (minimum) naming El Camino Community College District as additional insured is required for all usage except for classrooms of a limited duration. Limited duration is defined as no more than one (1) event per semester.

11. FACILITIES AVAILABILITY: Facilities are available during vacation periods and other times when the District is closed only if their use does not conflict with District policy and activities. Necessary personnel must be available for supervision.

12. DISTRICT LOGO: Use of District logo or name and Center for the Arts logo is reserved to the District and may not be used in any advertising or promotional materials.

13. PROMOTIONAL AND ADVERTISING MATERIALS: Promotional and advertising materials used or distributed on campus and not initiated by the Civic Center Office must be approved in advance by the office of the Student Development and must be removed by the Renter at the end of the rental period. Cost may be assessed to Renter if such advertising or promotional materials are not removed in accordance with this section. Renter must present a copy of contract to the Director of Student Development. The office of Student Development has the right to refuse approval of any promotional and advertising materials.

If the District handles ticket sales, all advertising materials must be reviewed and approved by the Theatre Manager prior to distribution of materials.

14. SECURITY PERSONNEL: The District's Campus Police reserves the right to determine the number of police officers needed for any event. If it is determined that police officers are required for any event, only officers employed by the El Camino Police Department may be used. The use of "private" security officers employed by an outside security firm shall not be used without the permission of the Chief of Police.

15. PARKING FACILITIES: The El Camino Police Department reserves the right to determine the parking areas for all events and the cost associated with the use of these parking areas.

16. RIGHT TO WAIVE: The district reserves the right to waive any of the provisions stated herein.


Education Code Sections 82537 and 82542.

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