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Meet the Team

The Information Technology Services (ITS) division provides tools and support to enrich learning, teaching, keep our community connected and secured, and help our district to thrive.

Our division includes dedicated Administration, Technical Services, Network Services, Application Development Services and Information Security teams. Each team serves a unique role meeting the needs of ECC's Students, Faculty, and Staff. 

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Available Services: General ITS Administration, Communication, Billing, Project Management, Technology Committee.

email cto@elcamino.edu     locationITEC Building  

Name Title Email Extension Location



Chief Technology Officer laudusseau@elcamino.edu  3261 ITEC 140
William CARTER Director of ITS wcarter@elcamino.edu  6358 ITEC 140
Beverly ROUSE Administrative Assistant II brouse@elcamino.edu  3266 ITEC 140
Linhor THLANG Administrative Assistant I lthlang@elcamino.edu  3907 ITEC 140



Available Services: Hardware issues with your Campus PC or Mac, Computer Replacement, Warranty & Repair, Equipment & Software Requests, Laptop Loaner Program, Software Licenses, Password Reset, Login Assistance, Basic Software Troubleshooting, Audio-Visual Setup (PA systems, speakers, projection screens, etc.), Printers.  

email helpdesk@elcamino.edu 

phone (310) 660-6571     locationITEC Building     hours  Mon-Thur 7:15AM-5PM / Fri 7:15AM-3PM

Name Title Email Extension Location
Steven AMEZCUA  Audio Visual Technician  samezcua@elcamino.edu   7893  ITEC 140
Bruce BALDWIN Computer Systems Technician  bbaldwin@elcamino.edu   6001  ITEC 140
Francis BAYLEN Computer Systems Technician  fbaylen@elcamino.edu   6150  ITEC 140
Elizabeth FLORES Helpdesk Specialist
 eflores@elcamino.edu   7571  ITEC 140
Daniel HERNANDEZ Helpdesk Specialist  dhernandez@elcamino.edu   3803  ITEC 140
Charles HUGHES Computer Systems Technician  chughes@elcamino.edu   3321  ITEC 140
Daniel IZAGUIRRE Computer Systems Technician  dizaguirre@elcamino.edu   3905  ITEC 140
Anne PADILLO Computer Systems Technician  apadillo@elcamino.edu   6177  ITEC 140
Hiep D. TRAN Computer Systems Technician  hdtran@elcamino.edu   3524  ITEC 140
Salvador VALENCIA  Audio Visual Technician  svalencia@elcamino.edu   6718  ITEC 140
Chuong VU Computer Systems Technician  cvu@elcamino.edu   6004  ITEC 140



Available Services: Phone System (Desk Phones & Features, Voicemail), Internet Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Remote Access (VPN), Data & Phone Ports, Cabling/Wiring, Design & Construction Services, FAX and Analog Lines, DNS and Static IP Requests, Virtual Server Requests.

email helpdesk@elcamino.edu 

phone (310) 660-6571     locationITEC Building  

Name Title Email Extension Location

Claudio Vilchis Headshot


Network Services Supervisor cvilchis@elcamino.edu   3268 ITEC 140
Edwin BROOKS  Network Technician  ekbrooks@elcamino.edu   6132 ITEC 140
Ricky MACIAS-HARO  Senior Network Technician  rmacias@elcamino.edu   3298 ITEC 140
Chris MEDINA  Telecom Technician  cmedina@elcamino.edu   3222 ITEC 140
Milton SALAZAR  Telecom Technician  fsalazar@elcamino.edu   3999 ITEC 140
Jonathan NGUYEN  Senior Network Technician  jnguyen@elcamino.edu   3906 ITEC 140
Hinh PHAM  Network Technician  hpham@elcamino.edu   3269 ITEC 140
Rudy RAMOS  Senior Network Technician  rramos@elcamino.edu   3322 ITEC 140



Available Services: Colleague ERP/SIS, MyECC, Data Warehouse, Data Reports, Applications Consulting, Small-scale Application Development, Applications Patching & Updating.

Name Title Email Extension Location

Linabel Sajo

Linabel SAJO

Supervisor lsajo@elcamino.edu  3270  ITEC 140
Paul ALMANDRES Programmer palmandres@elcamino.edu  3274  ITEC 140
Kim ASHLEY User Support Technician kashley@elcamino.edu  3801  ITEC 140
Linda DETWILER Business System Analyst ldetwiler@elcamino.edu  3498  ITEC 140
Hieu HOANG User Support Technician hhoang@elcamino.edu  3420  ITEC 140
Kevin JACKSON Programmer kjackson@elcamino.edu  6702  ITEC 140
Sheryl KIMBALL IS Technical Specialist skimball@elcamino.edu  3264  ITEC 140
Tung NGUYEN Programmer tnguyen@elcamino.edu  3275  ITEC 140
Vinh NGUYEN Programmer vnguyen@elcamino.edu  3355  ITEC 140
Aaron SARGENT User Support Technician asargent@elcamino.edu  3913  ITEC 140
Tri VO Programmer tvo@elcamino.edu  3267  ITEC 140



Available Services: Email Security (Spam, Phishing, Impersonation attacks), Network Intrusions, Firewall/ACL Exemptions, Encryption, Standards & Policies, Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Information Security Awareness Training.

email cybersecurity@elcamino.edu 

locationITEC Building