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Staff Resources: 4. Requirements for Classified Employees


4. Requirements for Classified Employees


Employment Processing

Prior to your first day of work, you will receive an email to your personal email from the District’s new employee onboarding system.  You will be required to complete all new hire paperwork, required training, and benefits.



New employees, regardless of classification or employment hours, and all volunteers within District programs will be fingerprinted as part of their hiring process. This includes students hired within a program, department, or division. Employees who have separated from the District for a period of more than 30 days may be subject to fingerprinting upon returning to employment with the District. The District pays the cost of fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting is done in the Human Resources office on a drop-in basis during normal operating hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.). Please contact HR for more information.


Tuberculosis Testing

All employees are required to obtain tuberculosis examinations at least once every four (4) years during employment with the District. The District will provide written notification to employees who require tuberculosis examinations, which will include dates and times for testing available at no charge at the Student Health Center. Information on off-campus facilities available for testing at District expense is available from the Human Resources Office. Employees may also satisfy this requirement by obtaining examinations from their personal physician or public health department services and filing verification of test results with the Human Resources Office.

Article 20, Section 3


Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre-employment physical examinations may be required for candidates who will perform certain kinds of strenuous physical duties. El Camino College will pay for all pre-employment examinations, and employment is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the physical.


Address, Telephone, and Name Changes

For all changes of address, telephone numbers or name changes, employees should complete an Address Change & Other Contact Information Updates form. This will ensure that all District records (including personnel, payroll, retirement and medical benefit plans) are kept up to date.

Name changes require a copy of the employee’s Social Security card reflecting the new name, completion of a new W-4 form, and appropriate beneficiary designation and medical benefit change forms.


Identification Cards

New employees will be issued an identification card in the MBBM (Manhattan Beach Boulevard Modules) #131, which include the employee’s name, Employee ID number, picture, and hire date. Employees should carry identification cards at all times. Discounts in the ECC Bookstore and at the ticket office are available upon presentation of the identification card.


District Safe Drivers Program

All employees who may be required to drive a vehicle while on District business shall participate in the District Safe Drivers Program. Employees shall participate in this program prior to utilization of any vehicle for District business. (Administrative Procedure 412, 1000, 1002). All employees who submit a claim for mileage reimbursement must first have completed the Safe Drivers Program.

Classes are held on a monthly basis every third Tuesday of the month in the Police Department. The class begins at 2:00 pm and lasts about 30 – 45 minutes. Class reservations may be made by calling extension 3100. Inform the police dispatcher that you need to talk to or leave a voice mail for the person administering the District’s Driver Safety Course.

You are NOT an approved District Safe Driver based on attending the class alone. You are granted District Safe Driver status upon completion of the class AND a review of your driving history which is obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicle. Your driving history takes into account all recorded items, CVC violations, accidents, failures to appear or pay fines, and CDL suspensions or revocations.

Campus Police Procedure 412: District Drivers Procedure


On The Job - Tips For Being Successful


Your supervisor and co-workers depend on you to be at work on time. It is better to allow a few extra minutes for traffic delays than to develop a tardiness record. If an emergency makes it necessary for you to leave before the end of the work day, ask your immediate supervisor for permission.

Depending on your schedule, you will be given either 30 minutes or 45 minutes for lunch. In addition, you will have a 20-minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon. To maintain office efficiency, it is important that you adhere to the time limits set by your supervisor.


It is important to strive for accuracy before speed, especially on a new job or with unfamiliar material. Do not be afraid to ask for more information if instructions given by your supervisor are not clear. Make certain you understand how the work is to be done, when you are expected to have it completed, and which jobs should be done first.


In the course of your work, you may have access to information about school business, students, tests and records, which should be regarded as confidential. Please remember that while many items are matters of public record, releasing such information is the function of specific offices or persons. Check with your supervisor if in doubt.


It is important to try to keep your working areas as neat as possible, especially at the end of the day. Cover equipment as necessary, return files and reference materials to their proper places, and lock file cabinets and office doors.

Care of Equipment

District equipment and supplies are provided for official use only. Equipment is expensive; good care and proper handling on your part will prolong its life. Borrowing equipment for personal use is not permitted.

Safety Consciousness

It is the policy of the District to provide a safe environment for employees and students, to prevent accidents and to protect vital facilities. All employees are expected to follow safe practices and use personal protective equipment as required. Be alert to safety hazards at all times. Either correct them yourself or notify the proper person or office. All injuries to students or to the public which occur on the grounds or in the buildings - no matter how trivial - should be reported at once to the Office of Safety and Health. If you are injured or you witness an accident, report it immediately to your supervisor.

Quality Service

High quality service is vital in every District employee’s job. You represent the college, no matter what position you hold. The people with whom you come in contact, both on and off the job, will form opinions of the college through observation of your conduct and attitudes. Since we believe El Camino College is an exceptional institution, we expect that cooperative, competent and courteous service will always be provided in dealing with other staff members and the public. We count on you to maintain the excellence for which El Camino College stands!


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