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2020 Academic Program Review timeline

Each year the programs that must submit a program review in the fall semester begin the review process during the preceding fall semester.  

October - December 2019

  • Division deans submit the names of designated faculty member(s) for program reviews

  • Designated faculty attend program review orientation and receive program data

  • Designated faculty review program data provided by the Office of Institutional Planning and Research (IRP)

  • Designated faculty review the program review document from the previous cycle

December 2019 - March 2020

  • Designated faculty prepare rough drafts, seeking input from program and division colleagues, including the:
    • Program faculty
    • Division curriculum committee representative
    • Division SLO facilitator
    • Division dean (and associate dean, as applicable)
  • Designated faculty submit additional data requests to IRP by March 27, 2020

  • Designated faculty collaborate with program colleagues to administer the student survey.

April – June 2020

  • Designated faculty submit any final data requests to IRP by May 1, 2020.  IRP may not be able to fulfill data requests submitted after this date.

  • Designated faculty revise the first draft according to feedback received from division colleagues.

  • Designated faculty present revised draft to program/division colleagues.

Note: Any dissenting opinions should be noted in a report that is included as an appendix to the program review document.

August 28, 2020

  • Designated faculty submit completed program reviews to the Academic Program Review Committee (APRC) co-chairs and division dean.

  • Designated faculty submit completed CE two-year reviews to the APRC co-chairs and division dean, as applicable.

September – December 2020

  • If needed, designated faculty meet with APRC co-chairs to discuss their program review prior to Academic Program Review Committee.

  • Designated faculty meet with the APRC to discuss program review.

  • Following the review meeting with Academic Program Review Committee, designated faculty attend Nuventive training session regarding input of program review into the system.

December 18, 2020

  • Designated faculty submit final program review documents to APRC for posting to the College website.

  • Designated faculty enter program review content into Nuventive in accordance with guidelines from Nuventive Program Review training session.


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