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El Camino College Campus Will Re-Open on July 19

The time has come! After more than a year of being away, the El Camino Community College District is reopening and we’re coming back to campus! While this is a very exciting and much awaited time for our campus, maintaining the health and safety of everyone remains El Camino’s highest priority for all students, employees and visitors to our beautiful opened campus.

For this reason, the District has contracted with World Back to Work (WBTW), a COVID-19 screening services consulting company that will help to ensure that the initial phases of reopening and returning to our campus will be as safe as possible. For a brief recorded overview of the services that WBTW will provide to El Camino College, please watch the WBTW informational Zoom presentation and refer to the WBTW Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Starting Monday, July 19, El Camino will begin the initial phase of campus reopening with the implementation of a COVID-19 Campus Re-Entry Screening process for all individuals who wish to enter campus. You will receive an email from World Back to Work that states, “Welcome to Total Safety for El Camino College.” This email will guide you through the process all visitors to campus must follow prior to arriving on campus. Please review this process and complete all of the steps BEFORE arriving on campus.

For any further questions regarding campus entry screening, please send an email to ECC@worldbacktowork.com. For other questions regarding COVID-19, please email COVID19Taskforce@elcamino.edu.