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AB 540 Resources

Browse a variety of AB 540 guides and resources for more information. 


El Camino College Financial Aid Office
Information about Dream Act and AB 540 eligibility at El Camino College


U.S. Department of Education Resource Guide
Provides scholarship information and resources available to AB 540 students


Quick Guide to College Access for Undocumented Students in California
Frequently asked questions about laws and facts of AB 540 students, scholarship list and Dream Act legislation


Undocumented Student Program at UC Berkeley
Information on DACA, how to find legal support and community legal resources


Differences Between In-State Tuition, CA DREAM Act, and DACA
If you have questions about your eligibility, check out this chart that compares AB 540, AB 2000, the California Dream Act and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in more detail. Please be aware that DACA does not give students eligibility for the FAFSA or any federal financial aid.


Working for Yourself
Find out how to become an independent contractor, establish a formal business, and understand your tax liability and other obligations.


If you have questions about which financial aid application you should complete (FAFSA vs. DREAM) or have questions about your eligibility, use this guide to be sure you use the correct application to be considered for all the financial aid for which you may be eligible.


Types of State-Based Financial Aid in California
The types of financial aid undocumented students can apply for depends on their residency status. The California DREAM Act, which requires students to meet AB 540/SB 68 eligibility, increases the options of state financial aid. In limited circumstances, Dream Loans and institutional loans are available at CSUs, UCs, or private schools.


Selective Service and the CA DREAM Act
Men who are between the age of 18 and 25 years old, even undocumented individuals, must register for the selective service so your CA DREAM Act aid is not put on hold. Register early and show proof of registration to your school to ensure you receive state financial aid.


Verifying Income for the CA DREAM Act Application
After you submit your CA Dream Act application, a percentage of students will be required to complete income verification. You must answer all questions, which usually include household size, assets, information for tax filers and non-tax filers as well as specific requirements for dependent or independent students.


AB540/SB 68 for Households with Mixed Immigration Status in California
As a student who is a citizen or legal permanent resident, but whose parents are undocumented, you must follow specific steps to ensure you will be considered for resident fees and receive state-based financial, in addition to any federal aid through the FAFSA.


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