CalWORKs Forms

Find various forms provided by the CalWORKs program.

El Camino College CalWORKs Forms

Read the description under each form title to help you select the correct document(s).


The CalWORKs Intake Form provides the ECC CalWORKs program with all the information required to create a student record for data entry. 

Complete CalWORKs Intake Form

The CalWORKs Student Document Submission form allows students to submit their GAIN Book Request Form, Monthly Attendance Report, and Progress Report related to the term in session. 

Complete CalWORKs Student Document Submission Form

Each semester/term, all CalWORKs students are required to submit a Verification of Benefits to verify eligibility and stay in compliance with the ECC CalWORKs program. Please log on to the BenefitsCal website and save a current Verification of Benefits (VOB) in PDF format. You can watch a step-by-step video here to learn how to access your VOB.

 Complete VOB Form


New and continuing students are encouraged to complete this form each semester/term. This form will help us keep the student’s information up to date.

Complete Student Contact Update Form


The GAIN Book Request form allows students to submit books, supplies and fees related to the term in session.

View GAIN Book Request Form


Participants are responsible for completing the top section of the form to include their daily actual hours of participation for each month. Actual hours of participation include a combination of classroom time and course-related activities, such as labs, internships, work study hours, and supervised study time. 

Note: Study hours should be separated from class time. You can click here to access instructions on how to complete this form. 

Access Monthly Attendance Report


Progress reports are due on a quarterly basis as determined by GAIN.

View Progress Report Form


GAIN Forms

The GAIN forms listed below are completed by the ECC CalWORKs office and emailed directly to your GAIN services worker (GSW). Be sure to provide updated GSW contact information. Keep in mind certain forms may be available online for you to download. Please contact us if you have questions. 

  • GN 6006 (Vocational) 
  • GN 6390 (Attending Multiple Schools) 
  • ST1-20A (WTW Verification) Training Verification 

Note: All paperwork takes three business days to be completed.