Eligibility & How to Apply

Start here to become an Honors Transfer Program (HTP) student.


The Honors Transfer Program will soon be accepting applications for continuing ECC students. Check back here for updates. 


How to Apply

To apply to the program, complete steps 1-3. 

STEP 1 Complete the HTP application online. 
STEP 2 Receive acceptance notification.
STEP 3 If accepted, register for a mandatory orientation.


Register for an Information Session

Curious about the Honors Transfer Program? Join us on Zoom for an information session. You must register in advance for the meeting.
Click on the date provided below to register for the session (available only in Fall and Spring application periods). We have no information sessions in the summer. 


Eligibility Criteria for High School Students

  • Minimum 3.1 GPA from high school, unweighted
  • Be eligible for (or have already completed) English 1A, English 1AH, or English 1AS
  • Plan to be at ECC for at least two full semesters

Eligibility Criteria for Current ECC Students

  • Minimum 3.1 cumulative transferrable GPA at ECC with at least 9 transferrable units completed.
  • Be eligible for (or have already completed) English 1A, English 1AH, or English 1AS
  • Plan to be at ECC for at least two more full semesters

To Receive Priority Registration, Incoming High School Students Must Also:

  • Meet with an ECC counselor to create an Educational Plan (Ed Plan)
  • Complete an ECC orientation online
  • Complete the English and Math Placement Survey (available through MyECC)

For more information, please visit the Warrior Welcome Center

Information for Applicants

If you are a senior in high school with an El Camino College student ID number and an unweighted GPA of 3.1 or higher, you are eligible to apply to our program.

The early application for current high school seniors will be due in April, and the late application will be due in July. The deadline for both applications will be announced on our website.


  • You must have an El Camino College Student ID number to begin the process. 
  • You should have a minimum 3.1 cumulative unweighted GPA. We will accept your application even if your GPA is below a 3.1 at the time that you apply. 
  • Upload your final transcript in June. At that time (in June), if your cumulative unweighted GPA is below 3.1, your application will not be approved for acceptance into our program. You will be able to reapply during the fall semester.
  • Be eligible for or have completed English 1A.


The Honors Transfer Program (HTP) accepts applications to the program twice a year. Applications are accepted in October to begin in winter/spring and in April to begin in summer/fall.  The late application for summer/fall will close in July. Specific deadlines for each round of applications will be announced on our website.


  • You should have a minimum 3.1 transferrable GPA and 9 transferrable units completed at ECC.
  • Be eligible for or have completed English 1A.


Other Application Tips

  • Do your best writing on the application essay. Be sure that you respond directly to the prompt that you select, that you write multiple paragraphs using what you have learned about writing in previous English classes, that you spell check and grammar check, and that you revise and proofread.
  • Be sure to complete steps 1 - 3.
  • Submit your application before the deadline.

HTP is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). Learn more about NCHC and its definition of "honors" across the many colleges involved in honors education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honors courses are academically enriched to stimulate students intellectually, encourage independent critical thinking, and promote close interaction between students and faculty.

To learn more, check out these resources from the National Collegiate Honors Council:


Our Honors Transfer Program provides a unique learning environment that stresses academic excellence. The major objective of the program is to prepare students to transfer by focusing on advanced reading, writing, critical thinking, and study skills.

HTP coursework is specifically designed to fit the requirements of various associate degrees, as well as requirements needed to transfer to the University of California, California State University, and most other universities.


The ideal amount of time to spend in the HTP is two years (four semesters) – but we know you might not be ready to join until you’ve been at ECC for a semester or two.

You can join the program at whatever time you like during your ECC career, as long as you have at least one year (two full semesters) to complete it.

If you’re applying to UCLA, however, there are other limitations about what classes you can take in your final semester — speak with a transfer counselor for more information.

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