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Honors Faculty Advisers

Meet your network of honors faculty advisers here to help you succeed.


Division First Last Email
Fine Arts Lucy Alamillo Lalamillo@elcamino.edu
Humanities Eugene Armao earmao@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Jose Arrieta jarrieta@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science John Baranski jbaranski@elcamino.edu
Fine Arts Francesca Bishop fbishop@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Dustin Black dblack@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Van Chaney vchaney@elcamino.edu
Humanities Tom Cody tcody@elcamino.edu
Natural Science John Coroneus jcoroneus@elcamino.edu
Fine Arts Diana Crossman dcrossman@elcamino.edu
Fine Arts Mark Crossman mcrossman@elcamino.edu
Humanities Dana Crotwell dcrotwell@elcamino.edu
Humanities Agnes Davies adavies@elcamino.edu
Humanities Kevin Degnan kdegnan@elcamino.edu
Fine Arts William Doyle wdoyle@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Matthew Ebiner mebiner@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Randall Firestone rfirestone@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Michael Fradkin michael.fradkin@hotmail.com
Natural Science Nancy Freeman nfreeman@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Renee Galbavy rgalbavy@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Roberto Garcia rogarcia@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Perry Hacking phacking@elcamino.edu
Humanities Britta Halonen bhalonen@elcamino.edu
Humanities Chelsea Henson chenson@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Amy Himsel ahimsel@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Joe Holliday jholliday@elcamino.edu
Humanities Lyman Hong lhong@elcamino.edu
Business Kurt Hull khull@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Miguel Jimenez mjimenez@elcamino.edu
Humanities Dalia Juarez djuarez@elcamino.edu
Humanities Rachel Ketai rketai@elcamino.edu
Humanities Scott Kushigemachi skushigemachi@elcamino.edu
Humanities Mary Ann Leiby mleiby@elcamino.edu
Health Sciences & Athletics Dean Lofgren dlofgren@elcamino.edu
Humanities Andres Moina amoina@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Eduardo Munoz emunoz@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Rudolfo Otero rotero@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Teresa Palos tpalos@elcamino.edu
Humanities Bruce Peppard bpeppard@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Laura Saldarriaga lsaldarriaga@elcamino.edu
Humanities Adrienne Sharp asharp@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Angela Simon asimon@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Karl Striepe kstriepe@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Orion Teal oteal@elcamino.edu
Humanities Darrell Thompson dethompson@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Arthur Verge averge@elcamino.edu
Natural Science Karla Villatoro kvillatoro@elcamino.edu
Fine Arts Karen Whitney kwhitney@elcamino.edu
Humanities Rachel Williams rawilliams@elcamino.edu
Behavorial & Social Science Kassia Wosick kwosick@elcamino.edu