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Info for HTP Students

Find all forms available to Honors Transfer Program students below.


You can now complete important HTP forms online!

  • Read the instructions carefully then click the link to complete the online form.
  • Forms will be confirmed once they are submitted.
  • Please allow one week after submission to receive correspondence from our office.
  • If you have not received notification with 7-10 business days, contact the Honors Transfer Program office at 310-660-3815.

The program requires that students complete a total of FIVE honors courses. We require students to be enrolled in at least ONE honors course per semester in order to stay active in the program. Students can take more than one honors course per semester, and they may also take honors courses in Winter and Summer sessions (although this is not required). Sometimes, a student's schedule may prevent enrolling in an honors course. Therefore, a student is able to "roll over" an honors course for a future semester. Rollover courses are not retroactive. A student cannot roll over a course to fulfill the requirement for a previous semester. 

An honors course is eligible for rollover in two different ways:

  1. The honors course is taken during winter or summer session (to be "counted" for the following semester).
  2. More than one honors course is taken during the Fall or Spring semester (to be "counted" for the following semester).
  • For example: An honors course completed in Winter can be rolled over to fulfill the honors course requirement for the following Spring semester. However, an honors course completed in Winter cannot be rolled over for the previous Fall semester's honors course requirement. 

There is no limit to the number of honors courses a student can roll over. However, rollling over a course requires student planning to ensure the following semester's honors course requirement is fulfilled. Rollover forms must be submitted by the end of Week 3 each semester. 

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We understand students sometimes have difficulties that prevent them from meeting the HTP requirements in any given semester. Our reinstatement policy allows a student who has been suspended from the program to request reinstatement no more than twice while in the program. A student will be suspended from the Honors Transfer Program ANY of the following reasons:

  • Not currently enrolled in an honors course (unless rollover arrangements have been made).
  • Not attended a workshop during the semester.
  • Transferrable GPA drops below 3.1.
  • Violation of Academic Integrity policy.

When a student applies for reinstatement, the request is not always granted. Here are a few reasons that a student's reinstatement request may be denied:

  • The student was technically never suspended.
  • The student did not attend a workshop by the due date.
  • The student's transferrable GPA is below the minimum 3.1 requirement at the time of submission.
  • The student's uploaded transcript is illegible or does not reflect the cumulative transferrable GPA.
  • The student violated HTP's Academic Integrity policy.

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When a student registers for their final honors course (usually around November), it is time to submit the HTP Completion Form. We require this form for the following reasons:

  • Submitting an online completion form ensures that the student receives a permanent notation on their ECC transcript ("COMPLETED THE HONORS TRANSFER PROGRAM").
  • Submitting an online completion form ensures an invitation to our annual HTP Completion Ceremony held in the spring.
  • We submit a list of students to ECC admissions who complete all tHonors Transfer Program requirements each April. We gather this information from the completion form. This process ensures that all student names are listed in a special area of the graduation program.

A student MUST submit an online Completion Form after registering for Winter/Spring if:

  • The student completed all five required honors courses or the last honors class will be in the Winter or Spring.
  • The student will be attending the last required workshop(s) in the Spring.
  • The student has not completed two required counseling appointments and will provide proof of counseling in Winter or Spring.
  • The student is currently enrolled in the last required honors course(s) and has not received a final grade for the course(s).

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