Research Opportunities

Prepare to excel at a four-year institution and graduate school through our numerous research opportunities.  

The Honors Transfer Program emphasizes research in all classes and offers students the opportunity to apply to several honors conferences each year. Research opportunities will allow you to:

  • Pursue your interests in depth
  • Practice the kind of data collection and analysis that you'll need throughout your academic and professional career
  • Stand out when you apply to transfer to a four-year university 


Honors conferences are fun, exciting, and interesting! They are also a great way to get to know other honors students and faculty from throughout California.

Because we believe so deeply in the value of participating in an honors conference while you are here, the Honors Transfer Program, Associated Student Body, and other key El Camino groups fund our students’ participation in these events.

Students in Action

As part of the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) consortium of colleges, El Camino College participates annually in the HTCC Community College Honors Research Conference, which gives students in community college honors programs the opportunity to present the results of their work. The annual conference takes place each spring. 


There are dozens of research posters at the annual HTCC Student Research Conference. These are highly motivated honors students who are presenting their research completed in honors classes at California community colleges.


There are over 300 oral presentations during the annual HTCC Student Research Conference.


During the annual HTCC Student Research Conference, there are two general assemblies during the day-long conference. The awards for posters, abstracts, and student excellence are presented at the end.