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Prepare For Your Appointment

Read the tips and technology requirements below before scheduling your online counseling appointment or accessing our virtual services.   


Online appointments provide a way for students to connect with SRC faculty and staff via email, live chat, and/or video conferencing. Students should prepare for and treat online services as they would for in-person services on campus. During the COVID-19 emergency, online services are being used in place of traditional face-to-face services, and we understand that web-based services are new to many. The tips below will give you an overview of appropriate etiquette when interacting in this new environment. It is important for you to read and understand the information below in order to use online services and make the most of your virtual appointment.


To utilize video conferencing appointments, you will need to have access to a computer with specific technical requirements listed below:  

  • Browser: Latest version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Webcam and microphone: Required for face-to-face online appointments
  • Headset/Earbuds: Optional, but highly recommended for online appointments

If you do not have access to this technology, you can still meet with a counselor by scheduling a telephone appointment.


  • Please make sure you have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox before your counseling session begins
  • SRC appointments are confidential, therefore, the use of a private computer, tablet or smartphone in a quiet environment is strongly encouraged.
  • Please do not engage in video conferencing while you are driving or participating in other activities.
  • Wear proper attire
  • Make sure there is proper lighting in the room
  • Make sure there is little to no background noise
  • Have a headset with microphone ready (your cell phone headset will work great!)
  • Avoid interruptions – Do not answer phone calls, text or surf the web during the appointment
  • Be respectful when communicating with your counselor

Counseling faculty and staff reserve the right to end a chat or video conferencing session if a student engages in behavior deemed inappropriate, offensive and/or discriminatory.


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