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SRC Staff & Faculty Directory

Meet the helpful Special Resource Center (SRC) faculty and staff. 

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Name Title Phone (310-660-3593) Email
Gary Greco Director x3297 ggreco@elcamino.edu
Lyn Clemons Alternate Media Supervisor x3315 lclemons@elcamino.edu
Jill Dohy Operations Officer x6094 jdohy@elcamino.edu
vacant Administrative Assistant    
Bonnie Mercado Student Services Technician x6781 bmercado@elcamino.edu
Mayra Pasillas Senior Clerical Assistant x3296 mpasillas@elcamino.edu 


Name Title Phone (310-660-3593) Email
Mark Lipe Full-time Instructor x3810/3662 mlipe@elcamino.edu


Name Title Phone (310-660-3593) Email
Kate Beley Counselor x3251 kbeley@elcamino.edu
Tawnya Cola Counselor x6410 tcola@elcamino.edu
Cristina Pajo Counselor x6047 cpajo@elcamino.edu
Azeb Bhutia Psychologist   abhutia@elcamino.edu


Name Title Phone (310-660-3593) Email
Jaymie Collette Full-time Instructor/Disability Specialist x3252 jcollette@elcamino.edu
Tiffanie Lau Full-time Instructor/Learning Disability Specialist   tlau@elcamino.edu
Jerell Hill Part-time Instructor   jhill@elcamino.edu
Kathryn Holmes Part-time Instructor   kholmes@elcamino.edu
Lauren Huanosto Part-time Instructor   lhuanosto@elcamino.edu 
Rogelio Ramirez Part-time Instructor   rramirez@elcamino.edu 
Alicia Russell Part-time Instructor   arussell@elcamino.edu 


Name Title Phone (310-660-3593) Email
Timothy Gough Full-time Instructor x6754 tgough@elcamino.edu
Sandra Bartiromo Part-time Instructor   sbartiro@elcamino.edu
D’yann Crosby Part-time Instructor   dcrosby@elcamino.edu
Rachel Friedman Part-time Instructor   rfriedman@elcamino.edu
Tiffany Green Part-time Instructor   tgreen@elcamino.edu
Ashlea Hayes Part-time Instructor   ahayes@elcamino.edu
Shmuel Khorsandi Part-time Instructor   skhorsandi@elcamino.edu
Ruby Marquez Part-time Instructor   rmarquez@elcamino.edu
Patsy Tebbs Part-time Instructor   ptebbs@elcamino.edu
Poh Teh Part-time Instructor   pteh@elcamino.edu


Name Title Phone (310-660-3593) Email
April Bernabeo Instructional Services Advisor x6093 abernabeo@elcamino.edu
James Cummins Lead Interpreter Specialist x6190 jcummins@elcamino.edu
Elizabeth Greene Staff Interpreter x6189 egreene@elcamino.edu
Brian Krause Assistive Computer Technology Specialist x5923 bkrause@elcamino.edu
Cynthia Parral Staff Interpreter x6701 cparral@elcamino.edu
Mayra Thrush Instructional Services Advisor x3258 mthrush@elcamino.edu