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Library & Learning Resources Division

The mission of the Library and Learning Resources Division is to empower every student, and the ECC Community, with the knowledge, tools and life skills necessary to ensure success - through academic guidance, compassion, and encouragement.


Division of Library & Learning Resources

We provide academic resources and services to all students, faculty, staff, and other members of the El Camino College community.

Please visit us online, in person on campus, or give us a call to discover how we can help you be as successful as possible in your academic endeavors.

Division Contacts

Dr. Crystle MartinDean

Sheryl Kunisaki, Director - Learning Resources

Gary Greco, Director - Special Resource Center

Donna Baldwin, Administrative Assistant


Division Information

The history of El Camino College and its library spans half a century. The following is a list of important milestones:

  • October 17, 1946, the Board of Trustees of El Camino College approved a request to recondition empty barracks vacated at the close of World War II. In September, 1948, the temporary library opened with 27 seats, four tiers of bookstacks and 861 donated volumes. Miss Helen Rodgers, who had been librarian at Torrance High School, was hired as the first librarian. By the end of 1949, the collection had grown to 8,872 volumes, 75 periodicals and four newspapers.
  • March 4, 1952, the first permanent library was completed.
  • In 1961, the library was enlarged and a third floor was added.
  • In 1987, the library was reorganized.
  • November 9, 1992, official groundbreaking ceremonies took place for new construction, completely renovating the existing library and adding much needed square footage. The new building was dedicated on September 8, 1994 and renamed the Sam Schauerman Library after a past college president.
  • August 17, 1998, the Library Media Technology Center (LMTC) opened. The LMTC's Computer Commons has approximately 170 new computers with full Internet access. The Computer Commons is also equipped with standard office applications, graphics, and a broad range of computer-assisted instructional software.

Today the Schauerman Library is part of the Library and Learning Resources Division of the College. This unit is comprised of the Online and Digital Education, Media Services, Learning Resources Center, LMTC, and the Schauerman and Music Libraries, all of which are responsible for instructional support at El Camino College.

The Schauerman Library is an excellent facility with more than 100,000 volumes, many periodicals, and digital resources such as information databases, making it the campus research center. Materials are organized throughout the facilities for easy use. Open stacks are maintained to give students direct access to all books, except those on reserve.

Librarians are available to assist users in their research and provide one-on-one and class instruction on the effective use of information resources.

Staff   Extension
Azose, Elana, Trainer/Instructional Technology Specialist eazose@elcamino.edu 6453
Baldwin, Donna, Administrative Assistant dbaldwin@elcamino.edu 3525
Budzicz, Amy, LLR Technician abudzicz@elcamino.edu 3024
Cain, Carla, LLR Specialist ccain@elcamino.edu 3882
Foster, Norman, Multimedia Technician nfoster@elcamino.edu 6727
Gan, Ryan, Systems Librarian rgan@elcamino.edu 6474
George, Lisa, LLR Technician lhall@elcamino.edu 6722
Hua, Tuan, Professional Development Assistant thua@elcamino.edu 3869
Jenkin, Camila, Outreach Services Librarian cjenkin@elcamino.edu 3522
Josephides, Analu, Reference Services Librarian ajosephides@elcamino.edu 3510
Kunisaki, Sheryl, Assistant Director, LRC skunisaki@elcamino.edu 6121
Lau, Loretta, LLR Technician llau@elcamino.edu 3879
Martin, Crystle, Dean cmartin@elcamino.edu 3526
Martinez, Ryan, Instructional Designer rmmartinez@elcamino.edu  
McMillan, Mary, Digital Resources Librarian mmcmillan@elcamino.edu 6482
Medina, Gary, Public Access Librarian gmedina@elcamino.edu 3876
Morrow, Kimberly, LLR Technician kmorrow@elcamino.edu 3878
Palmer, Anne, LLR Technician apalmer@elcamino.edu 3052
Pelayo, Laurie, LLR Specialist lpelayo@elcamino.edu 6488
Penn, Charrissa, LLR Technician cpenn@elcamino.edu  
Perez, Gema, LMS Specialist – Online/Digital Education gperez@elcamino.edu 7453
Striepe, Claudia, Instruction Librarian cstriepe@elcamino.edu 6006
Warren, Derek, LLR Specialist dewarren@elcamino.edu 6434
Watson, Marqueeda, LLR Technician mwatson@elcamino.edu 3881
White, Franklin, LLR Specialist fwhite@elcamino.edu 3512
Whiting, Michele, LLR Technician mwhiting@elcamino.edu 6586
Wolfenstein, Moses, DE Faculty Coordinator mwolfenstein@elcamino.edu 6712
Yates, Erika, LLR Specialist eyates@elcamino.edu 3514
Evening Librarians   6483

Fall and Spring Hours

Monday - Thursday - 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Friday - 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday - 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Sunday - Closed

Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday - 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Friday - Sunday - Closed

Winter Hours

Monday - Thursday - 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday - 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday - Closed

Telephone Information

Circulation & Reserves

310-660-3593 x6006

Learning Resources Center
310-660-3593 x3511

Music Library
310-660-3593 x5024

Reference Desk

Library and Learning Resources Division Office

Program Level Service Area Outcome (SAO)

The El Camino College Library fosters the academic and personal success of the ECC community through collections that support the curriculum and different learning modalities, through seamless access to library collections, services and facilities, and through instruction of information literacy skills.

Library Area Service Area Outcomes (SAO)

Instruction SAO

Library reference and instruction sessions will aid students in developing their information literacy and research skills in identifying, locating, evaluating the credibility of, and effectively using information for their academic and personal needs.

Public Services SAO

Public Services will provide responsive and service-oriented support to the El Camino College learning community. Students and faculty will demonstrate awareness of and satisfaction with the range of services and resources available online and in-person via the Library Public Service desk, including Circulation and Reserves, in the Schauerman Library.

Outreach SAO

The Library will continue to raise awareness of its resources through partnerships with ECC programs, discovering the information needs of students, and matching Library services to the specific needs of our campus population via outreach work.

Collection SAO

The Library supports and is responsive to campus programs, curriculum, and students’ research needs by developing and providing a robust and equitable collection in both print and online formats that is current, diverse, and accessible.

Systems SAO

The Library facilitates access to Library accounts, collections and resources via the Library’s service platform (LSP), discovery tools, and website supporting on-campus and remote users.

General SAO Projects (ALL Departments contribute)

  • Assessment of general satisfaction (traditionally assessed via a survey every second fall semester)
  • Webpage improvements/updates/additions done on an as-needed basis and measured via usage statistics
  • Facilities and emergency-response planning (training, safety meetings, plans, signage) to be reviewed annually to ensure patron safety in the LLR
  • Student focus groups on various topics/issues/areas

Library Program Review (PDF)

Library Program Review Appendices 2017 (PDF)

Library Student Survey Results 2019 (PDF)

Library Faculty Survey Results (PDF)

These are the Minutes for the Division Council for the Library and Learning Resources Division. It meets monthly during primary semesters.

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These are meeting minutes for the Learning Resouce Center, a Department of the Library and Learning Resources Divsion.

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The El Camino College Online and Digital Education (ODE) Advisory Committee, formerly the Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC), has primary responsibilities for developing policies and procedures for distance education courses that comply with local and state guidelines, Title 5, and regulations. ODE Advisory Committee works closely with the Academic Senate, college and division curriculum committees to ensure commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement of the program.  The committee includes faculty from all academic divisions, along with the Director of Library and Learning Resources, the Distance Education Faculty Coordinator and staff from the Department of Online and Digital Education, representative from the College Curriculum Committee, an Academic Senate representative, and representatives from Academic Divisions, Special Resources Center, and Counseling. The committee meets every second Thursday of the month.

2020 - 2021

2019 - 2020

2018 - 2019

These are the minutes for the Open Educational Resources (OER) Advisory Committee. It meets monthly during primary semesters.

2021 - 2022


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