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Part-Time Enrollment

Find out what's required to be a part-time student in the International Student Program.

If you are currently in the U.S. on a valid I-20 and wish to take one or two courses here at El Camino College, please submit the following documents:

  • Application
  • Concurrent Enrollment Form
  • A letter on official school letterhead from a designated school official (DSO) at your current college/university (where you will maintain your I-20 status) giving you permission to take class(es) at El Camino. The letter must list the specific courses in which you are allowed to enroll.
  • Copy of the first page of your I-20

You can email the completed documents directly to skennedy@elcamino.edu

Prerequisite Clearance Process

If the course(s) you wish to take at El Camino College have any prerequisites that you have taken at another college or university that need to be cleared in order to register, you can do so online by visiting Counseling.