People smiling and lauging.


El Camino's visual identity is illustrated through images that emphasize an inspiring and uplifting feeling.

Photographic Style

Images should illustrate authentic faculty/staff involvement with the purpose of supporting and educating individuals and community.


  • Avoid staged, posed or camera-aware setups except in instances such as an inset headshot or a profile story.
  • Showing people in their environment is paramount.
  • Shallow depth of field helps to put focus on subject matters.


Photo Samples

Photo Credit

College photography may be used with photo credited to El Camino College. Images may also be used by the media with the permission of Marketing & Communications and must include the appropriate photo credit. All photos taken by employees of El Camino College are credited as just “El Camino College” in photo credits. 

Photos may not be used for commercial or personal use.

Event Photos

The event photo library may be accessed via Flickr.

View Photo Library

Request Photo Services

The Office of Marketing & Communications provides photographic services for promotional and marketing purposes of a campuswide nature. Learn more about how to request Photography Services.

Photo Consent/Release Forms

A Model Release Form must be completed by students photographed as individuals or those who are easily identified in a small group shot. Generic group or campus photos do not require a model release.

In accordance to Education Code section 54626: information may be made available to newspaper, magazine, radio, or television media and prospective employers for the purpose of reporting a student’s participation in officially recognized college activities and sports events or the student’s receipt of college degrees and awards.

Download Model Release Form (PDF)

Photo/Video Signage at Events

If you are having photos taken at an event you are planning, it is recommended to print and post these posters.