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Learn about IMPACT and how it can help us improve ECC!

From start to finish, IMPACT training takes approximately 2 months to complete. The purpose of IMPACT is to create opportunities for all people working in education to deepen their understanding of equity and the racist foundation that the educational system in this country was built upon, and to become change agents in their life and work.  If we do not  actively fight against white supremacy and racialized capitalism, we run the risk of perpetuating it so that institutional policies, practices, procedures, and pedagogies de-center justice and equity and, therefore, actually contribute to injustice and inequity. Our approach to equity work is rooted in radical love and inclusivity; we believe that IMPACT practitioners will develop an antiracist growth mindset and experience shifts in heart, no matter where their starting point is.

The IMPACT training consists of four two-hour sessions plus office hours. Some sessions will be conducted in-person and some virtually. Participants will work in teams to use the IMPACT equity scorecard and other tools to assess policies, practices and pedagogies at El Camino College. El Camino College’s IRP office has created several relevant data dashboards that we will refer to as a primary source of information. After identifying a problem that is disproportionately affecting marginalized groups of people, teams will research and collect evidence to thoroughly understand, define, and analyze the problem.  The project culminates in a visual presentation that is 5-7 minutes long, and an executive summary of the IMPACT work completed. 

IMPACT Training Sessions Overview

Equity Glossary of Terms