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2020 Academic Program Review Resources

2020 Academic Program Review Handbook 

The Academic Program Review Handbook provides information regarding the academic program review cycle and timelines, the role of program review in the college planning process, and the function of the Academic Program Review Committee (APRC).  

The Handbook also contains helpful resources such as:

  • El Camino College mission statement and strategic initiatives
  • Guidelines and instructions for completing an academic program review document
  • Sample data sets from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning
  • Template for the Program/Division Colleague Review Sheet
  • Template for the APRC Feedback Rubric
  • Contact information for APRC representatives and other sources of help

2020 Academic Program Review Template (Word document)

The Academic Program Review template is a pre-formatted document that includes all required components for a full academic program review and the supplemental questions for a Career Education (CE) two-year review.  The template also includes auto-pagination, a table of contents, and space-holder headings for required appendices.

2020 CE Two-Year Review ONLY Template (Word document)

The CE Two-Year Review template should be used by CE programs that are only required to complete the supplemental questions for the 2020 review cycle. The template includes auto-pagination, a table of contents, and space-holder headings for required appendices (e.g., Advisory Committee membership list, Advisory Committee meeting minutes).

What’s New About Program Review at El Camino College?

  • We are now using TracDat to input final program reviews and connect them directly to the planning process.
  • CTE questions have been revised to clarify advisory committee input.
  • We are re-introducing a student satisfaction survey/feedback component to the Program Review template.
  • We have added additional guiding questions into the Program Review Template Guide and Instructions.
  • Additional questions regarding SLOs and PLOs should help faculty present improvements to teaching strategies, curricular adjustments, and/or requests from the department or College based on assessment results.
  • Institutional Research continues to make more data available for faculty use. 

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