Each year, El Camino College honors a full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and classified staff employee for demonstrating the highest level of commitment to their students, the College, and their profession.

Recognizing Excellence at El Camino

El Camino College recognizes its outstanding employees annually through the Distinguished Faculty & Staff Awards.

Nominations may be submitted by any member of the college community, students past and present, or persons in the community-at-large.

Nominate a Candidate

Learn more about each award, eligibility requirements, the selection process and more.

Past Award Recipients

Year Faculty Member Staff Member Adjunct Faculty More Information
2023 Darcie McClelland Keiana Daniel Laila Dellapasqua Read More
2022 Hong Herrera Thomas Bryan Bates   Read More
2021 Claudia Striepe De Von Lamar Scott Sarah Leinen Read More
2020 Jenny Simon Breeanna Bond Brittany Hubble Read More
2019 Stacey Allen Lizet Salazar Selene Torres (Read More) Read More
2018 Jaime Gallegos Cynthia Mosqueda Elizabeth Russell Read More
2017 Angela Simon Julieta Ortiz Sarah Leinen Read More
2016 Dr. Christina Gold Blanca Prado Dustin Black (Read More) Read More
2015 Dr. Joanna Medawar Nachef Sidney Smith Kim Nguyen Read More
2014 Francis Bernard Rang II Linda Detwiler Burner Mediha Din Read More
2013 Edward Martinez  Francine Vasilomanolakis  Maribel Hernandez  
2012 Maria Brown  Cheryl Shenefield  Pam Huth  
2011 Dr. Lars Kjeseth  Dave Snowden  Josephine Moore  
2010 Dr. Kristie Daniel-Di Gregorio  Mayra Thrush  Lynn Fielding  
2009 Dr. Joan Thureson  Josie Cheung     
2008 Dr. Mercedes Thompson  Patricia Witherall    
2007 Dr. Janet Young  Martha Smith Ortega     
2006 Dr. Terry Spearman  Ngozi Akosia     
2005 Joseph Holliday  Carolyn Biedler     
2004 Dr. Arthur Verge  Easter White     
2003 Dr. Barbara Jaffe  Leimomi Elliott     
2002 Dr. James Rozolis  Rebecca Stewart-Wilson     
2001 Dr. Jean Shankweiler  Hector Salazar     
2000 Antoinette Phillips  Ann Collette     
1999 Leslie Back  Barbara Grover     
1998 Dr. Thomas Storer  David Murphy     
1997 Dr. Bruce Fitzpatrick  James Hilgeman