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The mission of the El Camino College Social Justice Center is to serve as an inclusive space committed to social justice through education and collaboration. We envision a world where our unique identities are valued, shared and celebrated with love. 

We aim to be a safe and comfortable space for students to hang out, study, get free snacks (hosted by Warrior Pantry), hold student meetings, engage in campus dialogues, and attend cultural celebrations, film screenings, workshops, and trainings. 

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Fall 2023 Hours


Celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary!

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What is Social Justice?

Social Justice can be defined as both a process and a goal. It is a process of changing culture and instilling values of fairness. It can help level the playing field and provide access to what every student needs to be successful: 

  • Basic needs (food, housing, warmth, rest, etc.)
  • Feeling safe while learning on and off campus;
  • Being part of something, engaged and valued as a human being;
  • Being acknowledged and being listened to;
  • Having the freedom and access to reach their full potential in academics, career, learning, and relationships.

All communities and identities interested in social justice are welcome.

  • This space is designated for students who have been historically underrepresented and underserved, including but not limited to students who identify as Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIA+, disabled, undocumented, first generation, low income, system impacted and many more.
  • We aim to erase stigmas around race, culture, and class; to provide new avenues for dialogue to culminate in better understanding and eliminate the fear of differences.
  • We proudly join the effort to shift the culture and paradigm at El Camino College, to provide an equity lens and a greater appreciation of people for people.

Questions? Contact Us

310-660-3593 x3434
Follow us on Instagram @ecc_sjc

Communications Building, Room 204
El Camino College
Torrance, CA