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2022-2023 Social Justice Center Staff

   Name  Title
SJC Staff Photo Monica X. Delgado (she/her) Student Support Coordinator
Photo of Wiley Wilson Wiley Wilson (he/him) Student Services Specialist
Photo of Beth Ceja Beth Ceja (she/her) Administrative Assistant 
Photo of Frankie Davis Frankie Davis (he/him) Student Worker
Photo of Alysia Lara Alysia Lara (she/her) Student Worker
Photo of Luisa Paredes Luisa Paredes (she/her) Student Worker
Photo of Cedric Sanabria Cedric Sanabria (he/him) Student Worker
Photo of Kemar Edwards Kemar Edwards (he/him) Student Worker
Photo of Nathalie Illescas Nathalie Illescas (she/her) Student Worker

Photo of Neptune Haynes Neptune Haynes (she/they/their) Student Worker




Establishing the ECC Social Justice Center was spearheaded by the Student Equity Advisory Council (SEAC), ASO and ICC, around 2020, to address the need to create a space for students with shared life experiences to feel a sense of belonging and support. It garnered attention and eventually approval from the VP of Student Services, Ross Miyashiro, and the Superintendent at the time, President Dena Maloney via the President’s Task Force on Race and Equity. In 2021, Student Equity & Achievement allocated resources and staff to bring the center to life. 

Since its inception, many student leaders were involved in establishing the Social Justice Center at ECC. This included attending numerous meetings, helping identify and securing a space on campus, creating a layout to the space, programming goals and projected outcomes. Some of those student leaders include:  

  • Giancarlo Fernandez (ASO President, 20-21) 
  • Fine Tuitupou (Commissioner of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 20-21) 
  • Jamisyn & Shersten Rosenfeld (Commissioner of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 20-21) 
  • Dalyan Johnston (ASO President, 2021-2022) 
  • Hurnica Vicencio (ASO’s Commissioner of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 21-22) 
  • Andrea Fernandez Cruz (ASO’s Director of Public Relations & ICC’s Director of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion 21-22) 
  • Fine Tuitupou, and Kitzia Lopez (ASO’s Senator of Natural Sciences 21-22) 




Social Justice Center Grand Opening