Faculty Directory
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Faculty Directory

Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the appropriate extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach


Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location Email Website
Cervantes, Cynthia 6079 ARTB 326E ccervantes@elcamino.edu  N/A
Moen, Michelle 3571 ARTB 326D mmoen@elcamino.edu  N/A
Montgomery, Jennifer 3570 ARTB 326C jmontgomery@elcamino.edu N/A
Young, Janet 3613 ARTB 326B jyoung@elcamino.edu N/A


Spring 2020 Part-Time Faculty

Name Voice-Mail Extension Office Location Email Website
Baxter, Susan  - ONLINE ONLY sbaxter@elcamino.edu  N/A
Colchico, Alecsandria   ARTB 320 acolchico@elcamino.edu  N/A
Harley, Paul 4115  ARTB 320 pharely@elcamino.edu  N/A
Jefferis, Janice 3790 ARTB 320  jjefferis@elcamino.edu  N/A
Lopez-Arellano, Yadira 8262 Off-Campus
(ECC Business Training Center)
yarellano@elcamino.edu  N/A
Marano, Mark - ARTB 320 mmarano@elcamino.edu  N/A
Marquez, Valerie  - ARTB 320 vmarquez@elcamino.edu  N/A
Simon, Monica  - ONLINE ONLY msimon@elcamino.edu  N/A
Smart, Kumi  ARTB 320 ksmart@elcamino.edu N/A
Tharuvai,  Shanthi - ARTB 320 stharuvai@elcamino.edu  N/A
Wilson, Brittany 4119 ARTB 320 bwilson@elcamino.edu  N/A